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27 Oct 2005

An improved script is available here.
It has support for light, Simulation node, default sofi attributes,
actor/sensor volumes, Object/Behavior.. This is alpha!


Mouahaha having fun with maya and compositing.
The tank is 3D and rendered by maya. 3D model (c) Gunpoint3D.


8 Dec 2004

I cleaned DIOsoft osgMaya, added a Makefile,
and now it works under linux ;)
The tank doen't look the same in maya and osg, I'll look for why..

Here's today version.

- simple export works, with or without textures.
Still need meshes to be triangulated.
- base color also exported
- texture replaces base color

Maya scripts for Sofi

5 Dec 2004
I've put some mel scripts for exporting maya scenes to Sofi Xml Here.
And began porting DIOsoft's osgMaya to Linux.
Work in progress.


26 Nov 2004
A simple max script to batch convert some .max to .osg, using OsgEXP.

Download : max2osg.ms

And its big brother, batchConvert.ms

Based on this script

Md5 loader

1 dec 2002




Md5mesh + Md5anim

Md5 loader :  md5loader-0.1.tar.gz

Small C++ class to load md5mesh and md5anim.
A simple OpenGL viewer is included.

Viewer usage

Simply put the tga texture in the same directory as the md5 binary.
Then  > ./md5viewer <md5mesh> [<md5anim>] 

g : frame++
f : frame--
space : start / pause the animation
esc: quit

left button : rotate
right button : panning
middle button : zoom.


Not perfect, animation viewing needs improvement, I don't know how to use the ranges.. interpolate?
TgaLoad doesn't give me transparency.
No specular or displacement mapping in the viewer, just smooth triangles and base texture.
If anybody wants to explain me how these missing part works.. ;)

The code is an incredible mess and mix of C and C++ but hey, it works! =)

have fun!
Sébastien Kuntz aka cbwan

Shadow volumes test

1 Dec 2002


Looks promising ;)
For the moment I'm not computing the shadow volume with the silhouette, I'm simply extruding every triangle in shadow,
hence the glitches I think..
The shadow on the model itself would also be better with a silouhette shadow volume I think, I'll work on this..