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  • Fri 27 Jan 2006

    Miguel Ortega demoreel

    Published at 17:30   Category 3d  

    Wow, look at Miguel Ortega impressive creature modeling demoreel. (source 3dvf)

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    Fri 27 Jan 2006

    Gates vs. Jobs: who is the good guy?

    Published at 15:59   Category Tech  

    This article at arstechnica states that Bill Gates spends a *lot* of money on charity and health research, whereas Steve Jobs seems to do nothing to improve the world appart from selling apple products.

    And this article compares their presentation styles, funny!

    Thu 26 Jan 2006

    Review of the Wacom Cintiq and use with ZBrush

    Published at 10:03   Category Art  

    Here (source 3dvf.com )