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My VR Setup

Homebrew, DIY, cheap ...

( last update, 12 January 2007 )

This page will describe my VR hardware and the projects I'm (trying to) do with it.

- Hardware
- Projects :
- * Crappy Minority Report Interface
- * VRNR
- * Project Mayhem


( yes I do look ridiculous. I'm practicing my Zoolander face.
I looked ridiculous before making the face.
Why are we always ridiculous with VR equipment ?? )

- Wiimote : The Wii controller. 50eur.
- TrackIR : Head Tracker. ~150eur.
- GameTrak : Hands position tracker. ~30eur.
- eDimensional Stereo Glasses : ~100eur.
- P5 Data Glove.

I plan to buy a projector too. Or the EMagin Z800. But not until I have tested it.


Crappy Minority Report interface

I just wanted to give the "minority report interface" idea a test,
where you can manipulate pictures with your hands. Done in 20mins.

- The composition file (.cmo), a video (1.6mo)

Virtools VRNR

The VRNR are at the heart of the VRPack 2. These are standardized components
that allow a composition using the VRNR to be run on a lot of different VR setups
just by changing a few configuration lines.

I simply created a GameTrak / TrackIR / Joystick navigation component.
Now each composition using the VRNR can be used with the GameTrak and TrackIR.

Here are videos from standard virtools/vrpack demos running with the GameTrak and TrackIR :
- VRNav video (1.1mo),
- VRDuck video (1.4mo).

Here's the VRNR .nmo, the .cfg.

Project Mayhem

This is a project of an immersive RPG (Role Playing Game).
At this level, the idea is simply to test VR interactions,
where you play with your whole body.

For example a wizard will cast spells by aiming with its left arm,
and with its right arm draw a rune. A warrior will really attack with his sword.

At this stage of development, you are a wizard, aiming with your left arm,
doing different movements with your right hand to cast a fireball, cast a
protection spell, regain life. On the screenshot, the left hand is the green
ball, the right hand is the red ball. The coloured circles around the red ball
are part of the rune system.

If you find the graphics crappy, I agree with you =)
We need a decent graphist, and a decent Virtools coder (both on Paris),
so if you're interested, mail me!

Here's an early video.

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