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  • Tue 30 Nov 2004

    Death Fall | BlastCode 1.0

    Published at 18:41   Category Virtual Reality  

    Death Fall BlastCode 1.0 is “an advanced animation engine designed to create fully geometric animated demolition sequences.”

    Tue 30 Nov 2004

    Greg’s Digital Retouching Portfolio

    Published at 17:57   Category Tech  


    Example :

    Tue 30 Nov 2004

    Collada 1.1 Out on the 3rd December

    Published at 10:05   Category 3d  

    Marcus Barnes says :

     "The COLLADA 1.1 release will be Dec 3rd (this Friday) (..) It will be announced at http://www.collada.org/public_forum"
    Mon 29 Nov 2004

    Drawing UML sequence diagrams with GNU plotutils

    Published at 17:46   Category Tech  

    See Julien Cayzac-Kamimura blog

    Mon 29 Nov 2004

    Marek Denko 3d Female Anatomy Study

    Published at 16:11   Category 3d  

    Mon 29 Nov 2004

    How to create a normal/bump map with a flashlight and a camera

    Published at 15:49   Category 3d  

    How to make normal maps from real surfaces by Ryan Clark.

     "All you need is a digital Camera, a movable light-source, and a subject.  (In this example, Subject is a bowl of peanuts.)"

    Mon 29 Nov 2004

    No 3d windows in the short term

    Published at 15:12   Category Virtual Reality  

    Marc Bernatchez, from VResources says :

     "Q: Also do you believe there will be a move from traditional 2D WIMP UI to   3D UI.
      A: No. That is, not in the short term at least. The main problem, as I said a   few times on this mailing list, is that the desktop environment is   essentially a 2D environment, while what these "3D UI desktops" systems   attempt to achieve is a 3D interaction environment. These two things do   not mix together. A desktop system is a 2D environment, using 2D   interaction / pointing devices. They are simply not meant to allow 3D   interaction. With time, we found many hacks to allow 3D interaction using   a 2D mouse or a joystick, but the efficiency of such interaction is very   limited. Why do you think VRML failed to make the web become a fully 3D   environment? While we can easily render 3D scenes on a flat screen, it is   far more complex to allow 3D interaction, even the most basic, with that   3D scene. VRML has not failed by itself, but it shifted from an attempt to   turn the web into a 3D medium, to a portable 3D file format used in many   CAD and other 3D applications. So while VRML was quite usable, we could   not interact with it using the current web interfaces. That is why it had   to readjust its focus.
      Desktop 3D UI will only become viable when the desktop environment itself   migrates to 3D. The new 3D enabled laptops are an interesting trend that   could open a few doors in that direction. Then, what would be missing is a   portable 3D pointing device that you can use along with your laptop. The   3D screen also has to be good enough to allow 3D objects to appear well in   front of the screen, so that you can grab them free floating in mid-air.
      But even then, do we really need a 3D desktop? Desktop tasks are usually   based on the famous "desktop metaphor". Think of what you do when you work   on a text or a spreadsheet. You use a flat sheet of paper, resting on a   flat desk. The desk and the paper sheet are three-dimensional in the real   world of course, but we interact with them, via constraints, in a 2D   fashion. For these tasks, I do not see a real advantage adding a 3D twist   to it. Try to write a letter while your paper sheet is floating in   free-air and let us know about your experience ;-) "
    Sun 28 Nov 2004


    Published at 18:51   Category 3d  

    Sun 28 Nov 2004

    Exchange 3d file format ?

    Published at 18:44   Category 3d  

    I’m trying to convert a .max to maya.. what a pain..
    I’ve tried with Kaydara Fbx (5.3). I’ve just exported it from max, but can’t load it in maya (it loads but displays nothing, and no object is created), and same for the max that exported it.. Even with a simple sphere!

    I also tried with the max collada exporter, but it crashes for my big file.. Max shouldn’t crash because of a script !! I’ll be happy when I don’t have to touch max again!!

    hum seems there’s a 6.0 version of the fbx converters.. testing this

    Woo I exported/imported a cube in max.. But exporter is crashing for my wagon.. GRRRRRRRRRRRR

    Sun 28 Nov 2004

    Maxscript for File Batch Convert

    Published at 17:19   Category 3d  

    I’ve put two maxscripts on my [3d page] to do file batch convert in 3ds Max.

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