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  • Wed 19 May 2010

    What is VR ?

    Published at 12:47   Category Virtual Reality  

    Back at Laval Virtual, I was struck about how many people say they’re doing VR where, according to my own (extremist) definition, it wasn’t even remotely VR ! Even some high rank scientists tried to promote their (commercial) application, trying to take benefit of the marketing aura of the term VR, when it was only a desktop and mouse 3d application !!

    I’ve already tried briefly in another article to define what is not VR but I didn’t have a very precise definition of what I believe VR is. Everyone in the field has his own definition, and I think I’ve finally found what is the distinctive factor for me (hint, perceptive immersion). Of course now that I’ve realized it I find that I agree with the definition a lot of people.

    Anyway for me VR is Immersive Virtual Reality. You can find my definition along with extensive explanations on this page.

    There has been a great  debate on the 3DUI mailing list about the definition of VR and thus what should the IEEE VR conference be about.
    This debate fueled the panel discussing this topic at the IEEE VR 2010 conference, hosted by Jeffrey Jacobson and Chadwick A. Wingrave and prestigious panelists such as Doug A. Bowman, Frederick P. Brooks, Jr., Robert Jacob, Eric Klopfer, Joseph J. LaViola, Jr., Albert (Skip) Rizzo, joined later by Mel Slater. This panel and most of all Mel Slater’s work inspire my position. You can read the slides of this panel here.



    I’m happy to report that Fred Brooks is as extremist as me as he said the IEEE VR conference should only be about Immersive VR and nothing else. This would probably shorten the conference a bit, and most certainly avoid keynotes about SecondLife. No more AR, no more multitouch.


    Don’t get me wrong, I think SecondLife, AR, multitouch are really important and passionate subjects. It’s just not iVR ! Sometimes some AR or multitouch techniques are used for iVR but that’s not the norm.

    So my short definition, for the moment, is :

    Immersive Virtual Reality (iVR) is a set of technology and science required for a user to feel present, via perceptive, cognitive and functionnal immersion and interaction, in a generated environment.

    Again for a longer and more detailed explanation,  check this page, which will probably evolve in time with my understanding.

    Thu 13 May 2010

    Quick Links #2

    Published at 8:14   Category Virtual Reality  

    Here’s what you missed if you’re not following me on Twitter ( @VRGeek ) :

    - Found a nice video from Iowa State Engineering on how they use their C6 #visualizationsystem http://bit.ly/9ITBTj

    - A nice reference of haptics gloves by Tom Worsnopp: http://bit.ly/cOstlL

    - PNI SpacePoint : 100$ 360° orientation sensor. Reliable ? Would love to test … http://bit.ly/c6Yigp

    - Men Show Off to Impress Women Even in Virtual Setting -http://bit.ly/96EYmM

    - Robust #AR markerless tracking http://esm.gforge.inria.fr/

    - Winscape – Virtual windows :http://www.rationalcraft.com/Winscape.html

    - Archeology about VR ? http://www.vrtifacts.com/

    - Design for experience :http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~gogo/papers/LindemanBeckhaus_vrst2009.pdf

    - Slides from the ” What is VR ? ” panel at IEEE VR 2010 : http://publicvr.org/downloads/WhatIsVR.ppt

    - IEEE VR 2010 pictures : http://bit.ly/9anupN

    - IEEE VR 2010 hardware by Technology Review :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ0A0xWkuak

    - RT @VRMatt: A virtual human toolkit freely available for academic researches : @ICT http://vhtoolkit.ict.usc.edu/index.php/Main_Page

    - Crytek Plans Free Version of CryENGINE 3: http://bit.ly/bWQdlK

    - Mel Slater : How do people react with virtual characters ? -http://bit.ly/9Hq7pX

    - Mel Slater : “Visual Realism Enhances Realistic Response in an Immersive Virtual Environment” - http://bit.ly/cZv7WO

    - From @engadget: Natal copycat for PC ?http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/11/primesense-talks-full-body-motion-control-at-gdc-the-possibilit/

    - Nintendo 3DS to come with ’3D control stick,’ vibration, and Sharp’s parallax barrier 3D LCD? http://bit.ly/aLApSL

    - MSI will sell a multitouch, 3D Ready, all-in-one computer :http://bit.ly/a9b8ff

    - Avatar sparks 3-D makeover for action classics -http://bit.ly/bOXBUu

    - RT @yukai_chou Drum Kit Assists Learning With Haptic Feedbackhttp://ow.ly/16rASC #immersivetech

    - New PS3 3D Motion Tracker to be released in Fall 2010 :http://bit.ly/cTGucH

    - Brain-Computer Interfaces : The OpenVibes blog :http://bit.ly/8HjebR

    - A projector that automatically turns any flat surface into a touch screen, Light Touch : http://bit.ly/92nhlo

    - RT @gamasutra Gamasutra – News – GestureTek Announces Momo Motion Recognition SDK http://bit.ly/4y5sAc

    - So true : “Randy Pausch said : “VR has to be experienced first-hand. Simply talking about it is like describing color to a blind man.”

    - Virtual reality to the rescue of nervous car drivershttp://bit.ly/8cN1Dk

    - Great AR on buildings : http://www.koreus.com/video/nuformer-projection-monument.html

    - The BiDi screen, by the MIT, enables #Multitouch even from a distance : http://bit.ly/5ekBUZ

    Ok maybe there are a lot of links, I should do that a bit more often :)