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  • Sat 26 Feb 2011


    Published at 21:34   Category Virtual Reality  

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    Fri 25 Feb 2011

    Quick Links #8

    Published at 8:59   Category Virtual Reality  

    You know, soon you’ll understand why I’m so silent :) And I’ll be in Madrid from Sunday to Tuesday if there’s any VR Geek out there ?

    In the meantime I continue to whisper on twitter :

    - RT @boingboing MC Escher #360 – Boing Boing http://bit.ly/c43aYN

    - regarde Le projet HiJack tire parti de la prise audio de l’iPhone pour faire des capteurs low-tech! http://bit.ly/hARLLJ

    - RT @electronistaweb A tour of Ford’s Virttex virtual driving simulator http://bit.ly/hH7uTq

    - A device to generate smell/odors for 70$ ? http://t.co/u2UcCDE

    - #VRGossip : Johnny Lee leaves Microsoft for Googlehttp://t.co/ZXPQJfS via @engadget

    - lavalvirtual 3D Interaction for Puzzle Solving with the Cubtile for 3DUI – Interface Description http://bit.ly/idHfE7 (by Immersionhttp://bit.ly/etJImh)

    - Ever played a 1D game ? Wolfenstein 1D - http://wonder-tonic.com/wolf1d/

    - Virtual reality aids Lockheed Martin satellite buildershttp://t.co/0HQcZgL via @AddThis

    - Better picture of the HMD collaboration at Lockheedhttp://t.co/0Z5QsZh via @dvice

    - irbloody Make Your Own Autostereoscopic 3D Display With the Help of a Printer - http://bit.ly/ex5hWu

    - ruancaiman A typical cave, circa 2004 (ONYX2 powered) -http://icio.us/latmfv

    - Reality touchscreen University of Groningen http://t.co/u20daFmvia @youtube

    - Yeah !! RT @remanences#PlayStation #Move headed to PCs under official ‘Move Server’ project http://engt.co/dXxgn9

    - CphGC Here’s a video of Johann Sebastian Joust!, the no-graphics wiimote dueling game we prototyped this past weekend:http://bit.ly/h85ULA

    - 42″ curved LED screen : 2880 by 900, 6500$ :http://www.crvd.com/specs.php

    - Perceptual illusion -Tactile Behavioral Illusion System : DigInfohttp://t.co/Ifl4Q03 via @youtube

    - Sikorsky is using VR to help them design their helicopters (and using haptic arms from Haption) http://bit.ly/hN0qpy

    - 3DUI Contest 2010 coverage in CG&A magazine :http://www.computer.org/portal/web/csdl/doi/10.1109/MCG.2010.108

    - Orientation tracking on mobile phones – “having a simple metal watch on your hand can deviate the heading up to 10°”http://bit.ly/fjurN2

    - #VRGeeks featured in this video ! http://bit.ly/fBwYjJ

    - Sixense 6DOF magnetic tracker renamed to Razer Hydra. ~100$ and support in Portal2 ! http://aol.it/gUL3A6

    - 3DD, the books of boobs… in 3D #NSFW -http://koikoikoi.com/2010/11/3dd-the-books-of-boobs-in-3d/

    - Why So Many Augmented Reality Apps Fail in the Real Worldhttp://adage.com/u/Bd7Ofa

    - #GGJ on French TV (featuring a bit of #VRGeeks, 6’27) (choose ‘Emission du 05/02′) http://www.canalplus.fr/c-infos-documentaires/pid1829-le-journal-des-jeux-video.html

    - VR Escape : un vrai jeu en réalité virtuelle http://t.co/4gl0E7w via @TomsGuideFR

    - Attending Vincent Meyrueis phd presentation : interactive shape modification in VR applied to CAD

    - chewelahboy Awesome BARCO LED Video Wall http://bit.ly/gEguTG

    - alextactac Very nice SAR for interior design :http://www.gizmodo.fr/2011/02/16/changez-votre-decoration-en-moins-dune-seconde.html

    - 11th International Conference on Construction Applications of Virtual Reality, 2011 – November 3-4, 2011 -http://www.convr2011.com/

    - Researchers Conducting ‘Avatar’-Like VR Experiments – EPFL -http://t.co/7gDbKcA

    - Virtual reality for body substitution #MelSlaterhttp://bit.ly/eTUK1a

    - Face Tracking & Face Recognition in AR – by Chris Grayson -http://bit.ly/hqQXbf

    - VRMnemonic Asteroid VR demo performed in VR Geeks kit:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gS2hRuS3kQ

    - Researchers use virtual-reality avatars to create ‘out-of-body’ experience - http://bit.ly/dXznFW

    - lavalvirtual Final program of VRIC Conference #lavalvirtual#lv2011 is online: http://bit.ly/VRIC2011prog Register now, ear… (cont) http://deck.ly/~HnaIS

    - APRV63 Nouvelle rubrique d’offres d’emploi/stage sur le site de l’APRV :)  http://fb.me/EMfxIcDn