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  • Tue 22 May 2007

    Try the Crescent HMD at Laval

    Published at 14:09   Category VR Displays  

    The Crescent HEWDD-768 HMD was presented at Laval Virtual 2007. It is being improved and will be showcased on July 13th 2007 at Laval, in Nautilus buildings. Contact Gilles Brossard for more information about the HMD or the demo.

    Wed 16 May 2007

    “Stringwalker enables realistic walking in Virtual worlds”

    Published at 10:58   Category VR Devices  

    Copy paste from this VirtualWorldlets article :

    The StringWalker is the work of Hiroo Iwata from the University of Tsukuba and will be demonstrated for the first time outside Japan at SIGGRAPH.

    The walker works by means of eight strings – hence the name – that are actuated by motor-pulley mechanisms mounted on a turntable.

    It works, basically, by using the strings to measure the direction and force of the step. The distance and trajectory of that movement is calculated based upon the direction and length of string that has passed over the pulleys. This is then used to work out the force of movement, so the device knows how much to push back against the user, to prevent them actually moving.

    StringWalker will be displayed at the upcoming SIGGRAPH conference 5-9 August 2007 at the San Diego Convention Centre in San Diego, California, USA.

    I’m not sure I understand how you get “pushed back” by the strings. Are you gliding on the surface?

    Related article : VR Shoes (also from Tsukuba University)

    Thu 10 May 2007

    Kheops For All !

    Published at 15:47   Category VR Applications  

    As said by Olivier, you can now book a seat for the first public Kheops event at La Géode in Paris, on Thursday, 24 mai at 20h00. The theory of Jean-Pierre Houdin on the construction of the Kheops/Khufu pyramid explained on the biggest VR screen !
    Don’t miss it !!