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  • Tue 22 Feb 2005


    Published at 11:43   Category OpenGL  

    ArchMark is a 3d card benchmark software (example). It tests pure fill rate (bandwith), stencil buffer speed, triangle rate, texture fillrate, texture cache..

    Mon 21 Feb 2005

    Collada to X3D Nodes Mapping

    Published at 10:17   Category 3d  

    Collada to X3D Nodes Mapping

    Thu 10 Feb 2005

    Template Meta Programming

    Published at 18:20   Category C++  


    The introduction of templates to C+ + added a facility whereby the compiler can act as an interpreter. This makes it possible to write programs in a subset of C+ + which are interpreted at compile time. Language features such as for loops and if statements can be replaced by template specialization and recursion. The first examples of these techniques were written by Erwin Unruh and circulated among members of the ANSI/ISO C++ standardization committee 1. These programs didn’t have to be executed — they generated their output at compile time as warning messages. For example, one program generated warning messages containing prime numbers when compiled.

    Here’s a simple example which generates factorials at compile time:

    template<int N> class Factorial { public:    enum { value = N * Factorial<N-1>::value }; };
    Fri 4 Feb 2005

    The Interaction Techniques Markup Language (InTml).

    Published at 14:39   Category Virtual Reality  

    The Interaction Techniques Markup Language describes virtual reality (VR) applications in a platform-independent and toolkit-independent manner, for development and understanding purposes.