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  • Thu 30 Dec 2004

    Warhammer 40k : Dawn of war Intro Video

    Published at 23:28   Category 3d  

    Pretty cool video =)

    And the Making-of, plus two videos Animatics To Final (2.3 mb) and Render Layers (6.6 mb)

    Thu 30 Dec 2004

    What will invalidate your iterators ?

    Published at 20:23   Category C++  

    Things you need to know when you add/delete/swap elements from STL containers.. Read below for more.

    Read more…

    Wed 29 Dec 2004

    OpenGL ARB Meeting notes

    Published at 0:01   Category OpenGL  

    The OpenGL ARB Meeting Notes of December 7-8, 2004 are available.

    Tue 28 Dec 2004

    The Expression Toolkit

    Published at 20:43   Category 3d  

    The Expression Toolkit : an Open-Source Procedural Facial Animation System, is now available for linux. Expression is an animation system based on an anatomical model of the face. Using basic muscle simulations instead of morph targets, Expression simplifies the creation of lifelike characters, allowing a face to be set up in a matter of hours instead of days. Written in C++ and OpenGL, Expression is a general-purpose framework for real-time facial animation in games and web applications. Expression is being released under both the QPL and a commercial license.
    (source OpenGL.org )

    Sun 26 Dec 2004

    CGRestrospective 2004

    Published at 18:18   Category 3d  

    Thu 23 Dec 2004

    Book Review: The Game Asset Pipeline

    Published at 10:40   Category Game development  

    Games from Within: Book Review: The Game Asset Pipeline

    Wed 22 Dec 2004

    About me

    Published at 23:52   Category Perso  

    My name is Sébastien Kuntz (aka ‘cb’ or ‘CbWan’). I work at Virtools with David Nahon, as the lead Virtual Reality engineer.
    I have also worked several years on a VR Engine and VR Simulators with a high level of interactivity at SNCF (french railways), with Philippe David.

    You can write to me on my email, which is located on top of the calendar.
    Note: I’m not related to the painter, although my dad is one.

    I’m a VR Geek, so my main interest is everything related to Virtual Reality, immersive environments, 3d interaction, content creation, etc..
    I also enjoy movies special effects, photography and misc sports (freefall, climbing, street hockey, capoeira .. ).

    What is VR ?

    It’s an art which aims at fooling your brain into thinking he’s into a virtual (computer generated) environment, generally 3d, with which you can interact.

    What is a Geek ?

    A geek (not to be pronounced ‘djik’), is a computer/technology enthousiast.
    Not te be mistaken with a nerd, who has binoculars and doesn’t have any social life.

    What is a VR Geek?

    A very rare combination of computer scientist.

    Wan’t a proof that I’m a VR Geek? See my VR Setup.
    My goal is to have a fully immersive equipment at home, either a very good HMD (VR Helmet),
    or using projector, like in CAVEs and SAS3.
    If you have lots of money, I can help you spend it wisely!

    In a SAS3

    The Simurat simulator (with Philippe David)

    Wed 22 Dec 2004

    Army and VR

    Published at 20:08   Category Virtual Reality  

    Wired has an article about how the army is using VR to train militaries.

    Excerpts :

     "The multimillion-dollar system's origins go back to 1999, when the Army first partnered with a consortium of educators,  video-game makers and entertainment companies called the Institute for Creative Technologies.  The goal: combine the expertise of these seemingly disparate fields to create synthetic environments  that mimic actual wartime situations."
     "It's really all about cognitive training, decision making under stress,"  says Randy Hill, ICT's director of applied research.
     "The Army saves money on live-fire training, and also economizes by tapping outside expertise instead  of developing everything internally. Traditional outdoor exercises are still part of the training, but  they often don't convey the chaotic, complex nature of battles as well,  said Col. Gary S. Kinne, JFETS director at Fort Sill."
    Mon 20 Dec 2004

    Designing Secure, Flexible, and High Performance Game Network Architectures

    Published at 18:03   Category Tech  

    Gamasutra – Features – “Designing Secure, Flexible, and High Performance Game Network Architectures”

    Mon 20 Dec 2004

    Atmospheric Optics

    Published at 17:09   Category Art  

    Atmospheric Optics explains how atmospherics effects appear in real life. Can be useful for drawing or realistic 3d environments =).

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