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  • Tue 21 Sep 2010

    3DUI Contest 2011

    Published at 9:56   Category VR Applications  

    The next 3dui contest rules are now available :

    Build an application that allows users to solve simple 3D puzzles such as that shown in Figure 1. The system should measure time of completion, and it should provide a way to include new puzzles (i.e. pieces and final shape) to the system (such as that in Figure 2). The environment should show something like a tabletop, where all pieces are equally selectable. The user should be able to select any piece and move it to a working area. The system identifies when the solution is achieved, and it should show how much time the player needed.

    All teams should perform a basic user study with the following method and measures. (For the user study, use the puzzle in Figure 1.) Novices should receive a short introduction of the manipulation techniques and the task, with a practice session of 1 minute. After this, they should start the task and be left alone (with no guidance). You should register how many subjects finished the task and how long it took for each user (measured by the system in seconds). For experts, you should record the time of completion for 3 attempts. You should present data of at least 10 novice users and 5 experts. A novice user is someone with little or no familiarity with 3DUIs (casual game play on the Wii, for example, would fit into this category).  Experts would be people familiar with 3DUI implementation/design, or people who regularly use 3DUIs to perform tasks (such as domain scientists who use 3DUIs for visualization).

    * You should add more measurements to this study, which will be evaluated by juries.

    Fig.1: Puzzle to be solved

    Fig.2: The system should be able to add more puzzles such as this one (without the box)


    Teams of up to 5 people can submit solutions. We expect from you the following material:

    • A representative video that shows a sample user solving a puzzle.  The video should include a complete interaction and should show both the user and the application together.
    • A video that explains the solution to the public. If your group is selected, this video will be shown in a special session at the conference, and will be the subject of evaluation by the public.
    • A short paper of 2 pages, with a description of the solution, details about hardware and software used, and results from the basic user study. If selected, this paper will be included in the 3DUI proceedings, and therefore must be formatted using the IEEE Computer Society format.

    The winner will be determined at the conference, and the judging will take into consideration the material submitted, the initial evaluation from juries, and the public evaluation at the conference.

    Both videos should have a length of 3-5 minutes, with a title and the names of the collaborators identified.  They should be high-quality compressed video, and they will be accepted in MPEG (.mpg), QuickTime (.mov), AVI (.avi), MP4 (.mp4), or Matroska (.mkv) file formats. In the interests of producing a video that is as platform-agnostic as possible, we suggest using one of the following codecs:

    • MPEG 1 or 2
    • Cinepak
    • H.264
    • DivX or Xvid

    You may also use public service (e.g. YouTube) for submitting large video files.  We also request that you upload a video to YouTube and send us the URL so that we can link to them on the web.


    To be determined.

    Contact Information

    The contest chairs are:

    • Pablo Figueroa, Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
    • Evan Suma, Institute for Creative Technologies. University of Southern California
    • Michael Cohen, University of Aizu, Japan

    You can contact us at 3duicontest2011@gmail.com

    Organization and Special Dates

    September 1st:
    The Contest is opened
    January 7th:
    Submission date for the paper
    January 14th:
    Final date for video submissions
    (Note: You can also send the video for the video track at 3DUI, but in this case you also have to send it by Jab. 7th).
    February 4th:
    Jury’s decision on groups that will present at the conference
    March 19-23:
    Contest session at the conference

    You can check out last year’s winning solutions here. Since I’m not in the jury maybe I’ll participate :)

    Mon 13 Sep 2010

    Quick links #4

    Published at 12:45   Category Virtual Reality  

    Tada, a couple of months worth of twitting :

    - Haptic Virtual Copy of Real Objects - http://vroot.org/node/5610

    - Human Unconscious Is Transferred to Virtual Characters - http://vroot.org/node/5625

    - New Interface Technology Realizes ‘Touchable’ 3D Images http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20100826/185229/

    - Nintendo’s Virtual Boy Gets Torn Apart http://t.co/3hjBlUK via @gizmodo

    - Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s Big 3-D Flop, Turns 15 | GameLife | Wired.com http://bit.ly/9OeNWu

    - Fuji announces new 3D camera!! Finepix Real 3D W3:  http://www.fujifilm.com/products/3d/camera/finepix_real3dw3/

    - 3D Cameras (Time-of-flight) in computers graphics :http://bit.ly/bNsVEc

    - #Haptics and #S3D support system for neurosurgery – The University of Tokyo http://bit.ly/b9hpcP

    - These are holograms. Everything else is *not* an hologram !! http://bit.ly/c0Ee2H

    - 3DVision Pro Glasses: RF, Accelerometer, Compass and $349 http://bit.ly/dh443S

    - Advantages of virtual reality technology in rehabilitation of people with neuromuscular disorders http://bit.ly/cgMhMB

    - IEEE VR 2011 : Singapore, March 19-23 2011.http://conferences.computer.org/vr/2011/

    - Another nice PS3 Move video : http://bit.ly/aQzMH9

    - Sony RayModeler – 360 Autostereoscopic Display -http://bit.ly/c0bPq1

    - Journal of Cybertherapy (http://bit.ly/9N9Wgk) and Cybertherapy review (http://bit.ly/besbaf) free for a limited time !

    - MultiTouch + 3D stéréoscopique : un mariage fascinant http://www.generation-tactile.com/?p=14642

    - StreetSmart school uses virtual reality, field trips to train young drivers - http://shar.es/mRhsv

    - Wiimote headtracking VRPN server #tracking #vrgeeks :http://bit.ly/cU8wvS

    - Attach your screen to your head for cheap VR : http://bit.ly/cvaFml

    - Virtual reality food could be used in therapy for eating disorders http://bit.ly/cpTzRv

    - The plural of axis is axes !

    - Mobile CAVE environment – innovative milestone in high-end visualization systems development: http://wp.me/pEvXs-1c5

    - Nvidia 3D Vision Surround Display : driving 3 #S3D screen with 2 GF, getting closer to driving a cave ! http://bit.ly/a0PfvG

    - Augmented Shadows #ARhttp://vimeo.com/11672907

    - Le marché de la Réalité Virtuelle et son évolutionhttp://www.aprv.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51

    - Dossier : Réalité virtuelle dans l’industrie : http://bit.ly/bqbAn8

    Sat 11 Sep 2010

    Sony PSMove – First impressions

    Published at 12:03   Category Game, Game development, Product Review, VR Devices, Virtual Reality DIY  

    I’ve been interviewed by the french tech magazine Amusement (October edition) about the new 3D controller by Sony, the PSMove.

    Sony liked the interview and decided to put it in the (french) press kit:




    The interview was done after testing the basic sports games, and my initial reaction was very good. I had to unlearn the bad habits of Wii Sports where you just had to shake the wiimote at the right time to catch the tennis ball. Now you have to really move ! Come closer, move your hand to realistic positions and orient it in a useful way. The controller reacts like a real 6dof tracker as long as the camera sees the glowing ball.

    They really improved perceptive immersion by having you do basic moves like actually doing the movement for taking an arrow before being able to shoot it. Like in Heavy Rain where you have to do all sort of seemingly useless movements, those movements in fact increase the Place Illusion. The more ‘realisitic’ movements you do that have a believable impact on the world, the more presence !

    Heavy Rain will have a new edition based on the PSMove and I’m eager to test that further. My first impression was mixed since I didn’t have the chance to run the tutorial and didn’t understand all the moves..

    I also made the point that future hardcore gamers will have to improve their physical abilities to be better at games.

    Then I just said that I’d love to play Splinter Cell and Call of Duty in full VR, and that while interesting, the PSMove is only one step towards real IVR at home.




    Then this week I attended Sony’s big gig for the release of the PSMove, in a three story loft with view on the Eiffel tower !

    There I have quickly tested Heavy Rain, Time Crysis and I’ve seen a gameplay video of Killzone 3 using the PSMove.

    I fear the aiming will not be as good as I hoped for. What I’ve seen is that when the controller is used for aiming, there is 1/some (small but annoying) lag, and 2/ some (annoying) jittering. 1/ is probably due to heavy filtering, and 2/ would probably be worse without filtering. There was less jittering in the archer game, but the small lag was still there.

    When you think about it, it seems obvious : the optical tracking of the glowing ball alone cannot give you orientation information. The optical tracking of the wiimote, when used for aiming, seems faster and more precise, because the camera can see the slightest movement of the targeted LEDs. The orientation information of the PSMove is only given by the inertial sensors, which as you know are fast but not very precise. So I fear the aiming is mostly based on filtered inertial data.

    It should be noted that the lighting environment at the gig was probably not the best, wish flashy lights (some matching the color of the glowing ball…), which could also explain why sometimes the tracking got lost.

    So of course all this requires more testing and I’ll be in the starting blocks next week to buy that and play work with that !

    Fri 10 Sep 2010

    French VR association video

    Published at 15:52   Category Virtual Reality  

    The AFRV has released a presentation video of the association (in french) :

    YouTube Preview Image

    The AFRV will also hold its 5th conference on the 6, 7 and 8 december in Paris Sud – Orsay.

    See you there !