Quick links #4

Tada, a couple of months worth of twitting :

– Haptic Virtual Copy of Real Objects – http://vroot.org/node/5610

– Human Unconscious Is Transferred to Virtual Characters – http://vroot.org/node/5625

– New Interface Technology Realizes ‘Touchable’ 3D Images http://techon.nikkeibp.co.jp/english/NEWS_EN/20100826/185229/

– Nintendo’s Virtual Boy Gets Torn Apart http://t.co/3hjBlUK via @gizmodo

– Virtual Boy, Nintendo’s Big 3-D Flop, Turns 15 | GameLife | Wired.com http://bit.ly/9OeNWu

– Fuji announces new 3D camera!! Finepix Real 3D W3:  http://www.fujifilm.com/products/3d/camera/finepix_real3dw3/

– 3D Cameras (Time-of-flight) in computers graphics :http://bit.ly/bNsVEc

#Haptics and #S3D support system for neurosurgery – The University of Tokyo http://bit.ly/b9hpcP

– These are holograms. Everything else is *not* an hologram !! http://bit.ly/c0Ee2H

– 3DVision Pro Glasses: RF, Accelerometer, Compass and $349 http://bit.ly/dh443S

– Advantages of virtual reality technology in rehabilitation of people with neuromuscular disorders http://bit.ly/cgMhMB

– IEEE VR 2011 : Singapore, March 19-23 2011.http://conferences.computer.org/vr/2011/

Another nice PS3 Move video : http://bit.ly/aQzMH9

– Sony RayModeler – 360 Autostereoscopic Display –http://bit.ly/c0bPq1

– Journal of Cybertherapy (http://bit.ly/9N9Wgk) and Cybertherapy review (http://bit.ly/besbaf) free for a limited time !

– MultiTouch + 3D stéréoscopique : un mariage fascinant http://www.generation-tactile.com/?p=14642

– StreetSmart school uses virtual reality, field trips to train young drivers – http://shar.es/mRhsv

– Wiimote headtracking VRPN server #tracking #vrgeeks :http://bit.ly/cU8wvS

Attach your screen to your head for cheap VR : http://bit.ly/cvaFml

– Virtual reality food could be used in therapy for eating disorders http://bit.ly/cpTzRv

The plural of axis is axes !

– Mobile CAVE environment – innovative milestone in high-end visualization systems development: http://wp.me/pEvXs-1c5

– Nvidia 3D Vision Surround Display : driving 3 #S3D screen with 2 GF, getting closer to driving a cave ! http://bit.ly/a0PfvG

– Augmented Shadows #ARhttp://vimeo.com/11672907

– Le marché de la Réalité Virtuelle et son évolutionhttp://www.aprv.eu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=51

– Dossier : Réalité virtuelle dans l’industrie : http://bit.ly/bqbAn8

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