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  • Tue 26 May 2009

    Killing zombies in AR

    Published at 14:18   Category Augmented Reality, Game  

    (The Laval Virtual wrap-up is still on its way, don’t worry ;)

    Fellow reader David Cochard, with Kimberly Spreen, created a project at Georgia Tech and SCAD-Atlanta with advisors Blair MacIntyre and Tony Tseng, an AR zombie killing game !

    YouTube Preview Image

    It seems to be working really well, and the idea is simple and efficient. It runs on the nVidia Tegra architecture.

    Nice job David ;)

    Sat 2 May 2009

    Laval Virtual 2009 – Clarte’s R-Screen

    Published at 11:19   Category VR Applications, VR Devices, VR Displays  

    I don’t have time right now to talk about everything that was at Laval Virtual 2009 because I’m leaving this afternoon to Jordan! So if there’s any VR Geek around there, let me know ;)

    So I’ll just talk about the most innovative system I’ve seen at Laval, the R-Screen ! It was developped by Clarte (the very same that did Ergo Wide 3) for Renault, the french car manufacturer.

    I’ve interviewed Alexandre “the manette” Bouchet who will explain everything to you :

    YouTube Preview Image

    As Kate wrote on the DS’ blog :

    Rather compact (3 x 2 meters), R-Screen could be used to:

    • Demo mobility concepts at shows without production. This provides OEMs an opportunity to save resources.
    • Showcase several cars in one spot. A different car, a different audience/day, same show floor real estate.
    • Try and buy new models before they’re in circulation. Want to get a feel for that new Renault model not yet available at the dealership near you? R-Screen lets you do this.
    • Test personalization options and features. You think you’ll like the model in red with an integrated GPS system? Well you may not once you pick up your new car. You can try on all kinds of options virtually before purchasing.

    This is really a great example of solving in a very smart manner a very precise problem, so congratulations to the whole team !