Killing zombies in AR

(The Laval Virtual wrap-up is still on its way, don’t worry 😉

Fellow reader David Cochard, with Kimberly Spreen, created a project at Georgia Tech and SCAD-Atlanta with advisors Blair MacIntyre and Tony Tseng, an AR zombie killing game !

It seems to be working really well, and the idea is simple and efficient. It runs on the nVidia Tegra architecture.

Nice job David 😉

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  1. Thanks Jérôme 🙂

    I really hope I’ll have the opportunity to work with you and Indira at the UTC again (maybe a Phd, that sounds like a great plan!)


    I always translate videos of my projects in my native language (French, faut pas oublier d’où on vient quand même! 🙂
    Here is the link for those who didn’t get everything from the original English version.


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