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  • Fri 28 Oct 2005

    The State of Serious Games

    Published at 13:31   Category Game development  

    I guess VR Training Systems can be categorized as Serious Games!
    Here’s an article at Gamasutra talking about the state of this new category of “games”.

    Fri 28 Oct 2005

    Transcoding to a file with VLC

    Published at 13:14   Category Tech  

    The Videolan doc only explains complex things like transcoding for streaming, here’s how to transcode a file to another file :

    vlc -vvv <your_file> --sout '#transcode{vcodec=mp4v,acodec=vorb}:standard{access=file,mux=ogg,url=/tmp/out.ogm}'
    Thu 27 Oct 2005


    Published at 15:39   Category Virtual Reality  

    I have improved my MEL scripts for creating sofi worlds in Maya. More infos here.

    Tue 25 Oct 2005

    Laval Virtual Pictures

    Published at 16:43   Category Virtual Reality  

    All the winners of a Laval Virtual 2005 Trophy (I’m at the far right ;) :

    Other pictures.

    Vertigo Phobia Treatment

    Arachnophobia Treatment

    Sensable @ Immersion

    Tue 25 Oct 2005

    Vertex Shaders and Frustum Clipping

    Published at 10:39   Category OpenGL  

    From the OSG Ml :

    “Another issue to be very careful of is the
    interaction between the basic geometry, the vertex
    shader and any view frustum culling. Vertex shaders
    can, and often do, shift the basic vertex of the
    geometry. However, the view frustum culling has to
    work with the raw data from before the vertex shader
    has messed with it. For example, you start with a flat
    grid of points and use the vertex shader to generate a
    fractal landscape. The implicit bounding box used by
    the input geometry is almost a flat plane. While that
    implicit bounding box stays within the view frustum,
    you’ll see everything correctly. However, the moment
    that implicit bounds is entirely out of the view
    frustum, the whole lot will be removed from further
    processing, and the shader code will never get
    executed. That is, your fractal terrain suddenly just
    disappears for no apparent reason. To prevent this
    from happening, make sure that you set explicit bounds
    for your geometry that would represent the maximal
    extents that the vertex shader is likely to perturb
    the vertices to. In this way, nothing gets culled from
    view while any of that volume intersects with the view

    Tue 18 Oct 2005

    Linking with .a

    Published at 18:13   Category C++  

    So, another lesson learned from Sam…
    Linking with .so and .a isn’t the same (appart from the static/dynamic part).
    The order of the .a inclusion is important :

    g++ -o bla bla.cpp x.a y.a z.a 

    g++ will look at bla.cpp, look what symbols it needs and remember them. When loading x.a, it will only keep the symbols it has tagged before hands.
    So if y.a needs an element in x.a which isn’t needed by bla.cpp, you won’t have it !!
    So you should include y.a before x.a. If there are cyclic dependencies, it doesn’t matter if you include the same object twice.
    Next headache please!!

    Tue 11 Oct 2005

    Elf Girl

    Published at 11:18   Category 3d  

    o_O ( post )

    Read more…

    Mon 10 Oct 2005

    How to Unmangle Names from the Linker

    Published at 17:13   Category C++  

    Clark Dorman wrote:

    "Comming with g+ +, there`s a tool called "c++filt". Give it a mangled name and it will demangle it for you." 

    Example :

    $> c++filt _ZN14daeSTLDatabaseC1Ev

    Fri 7 Oct 2005

    Interview with Autodesk and Alias

    Published at 13:30   Category 3d  

    Flash, this will answer your question ;)

    Here’s the interview. To sum up :
    - Maya and Max will be kept separated at least for now. They are used by different markets.
    - They will work on interoperability between the two. Yeah!

    Thu 6 Oct 2005


    Published at 15:24   Category 3d  

    SARGE is an animation software development kit that is designed to help you import object and character animations from 3D modelling software into your own application or game engine, whether that it is based on Direct3D or OpenGL.

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