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  • Tue 28 Jan 2014

    VR Lemmings

    Published at 9:43   Category Game, VR Applications  

    This year again I participated in the Global Game Jam, and this is what came out of it:

    YouTube Preview Image

    We had great fun doing it and it seems people also enjoyed it :)

    You can download the demo here.

    If you have any issue with the demo, my e-mail is written in the top-left corner of the blog!

    A huge thanks to the great team:

    Thomas Klein         – Game desin
    Judith Guez          – Game design / VR
    Pauline Gosselin     – GFX 3D
    Sarah Menager        – GFX 3D
    Florian Costes       – Sound design

    Mon 27 Jan 2014

    Lessons from the VR field #1

    Published at 21:46   Category Game development, VR Applications  

    [This is a re-post of the original Gamasutra article which was published on 12 Jan 2014]

    Introduction: presence

    Through my career I have tested many different VR systems, from entry level to high-end, with systems costing several million euros. I have developed a feeling of what VR represents for me. This feeling of being present in the virtual world is very strong. I have already defined “presence” at length in this article. To summarize, you have cognitive immersion (like in video games, stories, books..) and perceptive immersion (fooling the senses), which is the part that makes VR distinctive.

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    Mon 27 Jan 2014

    Creating VR games – the fundamentals

    Published at 21:38   Category Game development, Virtual Reality  

    [This is a re-post of the original Gamasutra article which was published on May 23, 2013]

    When I was on a field trip to London back in high school, I played my first virtual reality (VR) game: Zone Hunter. I was immediately hooked and I knew I wanted to work in VR! I started my VR career more than 12 years ago working on industrial VR training applications and VR software tools.

    I am now the founder and president of a company called “i’m in VR“. We offer tools to simplify the creation of VR applications such as MiddleVR, a VR middleware that enables 3D applications (like Unity) to run on any VR system (HMD, caves etc.). I’ve been blogging about VR long before it was cool, and you can also find me on twitter (@Cb_VRGeek)

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