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  • Mon 31 Jan 2005

    So you want to be a consultant…?

    Published at 16:41   Category Virtual Reality  

    Seen on /. : Stephen Friedl writes : ” I’ve been a self-employed consultant for almost 20 years – I still have my first customer! – and I’m asked often about the business by those who are considering it. It’s not for everybody, and there are often surprises, so I’ve written up a Tech Tip that recounts my experiences and provides advice for the n00b. Executive summary: It’s much more about customer service than it is about technical skill.”

    Mon 31 Jan 2005

    An introduction to C++ Traits

    Published at 13:39   Category C++  

    An introduction to C++ Traits, By Thaddaeus Frogley

     "Think of a trait as a small object whose main purpose is to carry information used by
       another object or algorithm to determine "policy" or "implementation details".
       - Bjarne Stroustrup
    Thu 27 Jan 2005

    Alice VR Engine

    Published at 13:54   Category Virtual Reality  

    Marc Bernartchez linked me to Alice, a VR engine : The focus of the Alice project is now to provide the best possible first exposure to programming for students ranging from middle schoolers to college students.
    I’ve heard their authoring tool might be something like Virtools but can’t find screenshots..

    Wed 26 Jan 2005

    Ssh magic

    Published at 16:22   Category Tech  

    I wanted to transfer one huge directory from one computer to another, but couldn’t do a tar on the source computer (not enough disk space).
    So Sam told me to use this, on the receiving computer :

    ssh computer1 tar c /path/to/dir | tar xv

    This will execute tar c of my dir on computer1, pipe it to my local computer and uncompress it on the fly. magic I tell you ;)

    Tue 25 Jan 2005

    Gimp NormalMap Plugin

    Published at 15:02   Category 3d  

    If you don’t have it, get it now : http://nifelheim.dyndns.org/~cocidius/normalmap/.

    Sun 23 Jan 2005

    Virtual Reality means less pain for children

    Published at 22:18   Category Virtual Reality  

    This article states that : “AUSTRALIAN researchers have tested a virtual reality game as a form of pain management for children.”

    Read more…

    Sun 23 Jan 2005

    Bugzilla and gamedev

    Published at 22:01   Category Game development  

    There’s an interesting article at Gamasutra on how Funcom (Anarchy Online) used and tweaked bugzilla for their bug tracking system.

    Sat 8 Jan 2005

    Arbaro : Tree Generation

    Published at 2:27   Category 3d  

    Arbaro is an implementation of the tree generating algorithm described in Jason Weber & Joseph Penn: “Creation and Rendering of Realistic Trees”.
    It’s written in Java, so you can use it with any OS, wich is supported by Java.
    It reads in an XML file with the tree parameters and writes out Povray, DXF or Wavefront OBJ files.

    Mon 3 Jan 2005

    John Carmack’s Blog

    Published at 18:30   Category OpenGL  

    John Carmack’s Blog – Recent Updates

    Mon 3 Jan 2005

    Does Linux Have Game?

    Published at 15:48   Category OpenGL  

    Tom’s Hardware Guide Business Reports: Does Linux Have Game?
    Intersting article. Excerpts :

    - The Graphics Card Makers’ Driver Dilemma : When Doom III was released earlier this year, flames were fanned on many forums as unhappy gamers reported that they were unable to run Doom III on Linux with their ATi cards. ATi’s problem with Doom III, in fact, illustrates an additional potential issue when running games on Linux. Doom III was based on OpenGL, right, and is recognized by Linux. So what was the problem?

    - Card maker drivers thus must accommodate not just Linux in addition to Windows, but several variants of the Linux OS. “Each company that packages Linux will do things in their way to suit their customers and so on,” Tippett said. “It presents problems, but is not insurmountable. It is more of an awareness that must created.”

    - “There is often a misunderstanding in the market that leads to the misconception that Linux (driver development) is difficult,”

    - “NVIDIA says a substantial port of its Linux driver initiative is grounded in its graphics card development efforts for very high-end workstations. These are the hardware devices used by Hollywood producers to make movies like Shrek, for complex CAD virtual visuals, or 3D virtual world applications, such a those used for oil and gas exploration. “All these applications require Linux,”