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  • Thu 11 May 2006

    Circular Floor Video

    Published at 19:15   Category Virtual Reality  

    Here’s a pretty cool video of the CirculaFloor in action, developped at the VR Lab of the University of Tsukuba.

    “CirculaFloor is a locomotion interface using a group of movable tiles. (…) Circulation of the tiles enables the user to walk in virtual environment while his/her position is maintained. The user can walk in arbitrary direction in virtual environment.”

    Wed 10 May 2006

    BCI: Brain-Computer Interfaces

    Published at 12:46   Category Tech  

    Take a look at the impressive videos of BCI ( Brain-Computer Interfaces) from the Graz University of Technology Laboratory of Brain-Computer Interfaces.
    It goes from moving into a virtual world through thinking only, to manipulating a hand prosthetics (or even a real hand it seems, bypassing the damaged neural path?).
    Thanks to Yann Renard for the link ;)

    Tue 9 May 2006

    The first cave gets an upgrade

    Published at 12:04   Category Virtual Reality  

    From this article at AScribe :

    “More than $4 million in equipment upgrades will shine 100 million pixels on Iowa State University’s six-sided virtual reality room.
    Iowa State’s C6 opened in June 2000 as the country’s first six-sided virtual reality room designed to immerse users in images and sound. The graphics and projection technology that made such immersion possible hasn’t been updated since the C6 opened.
    The new equipment – a Hewlett-Packard computer featuring 96 graphics processing units, 24 Sony digital projectors, an eight-channel audio system and ultrasonic motion tracking technology – will be installed by Fakespace Systems Inc. of Marshalltown.”

    Mon 8 May 2006

    Silicon Graphics filing for bankruptcy

    Published at 16:43   Category Tech  

    Via /. : see here

    Mon 8 May 2006

    Laval Virtual : a mini video

    Published at 16:38   Category Virtual Reality  

    Here’s a mini video filmed by a student of the Ecole de Design de Nantes, featuring the Virtual Brownie, Touch Light, Invisible and some others. This blog (in french) also has some articles about installations presented at laval (more and more and more).

    Mon 8 May 2006

    Head-Mounted Projective Display

    Published at 15:49   Category Virtual Reality  

    I was reading 3D User Interfaces and I stumbled across the definition of a HMPD.
    I didn’t know this kind of VR display, and it looks quite promising ! Here’s what I understand of it, based on those papers, by its designer, Hong Hua, of University of Hawaii;

    The core of this technology is a Retro-reflective surface, that is a surface that “reflects back on itself a ray hitting the surface at any angle; exactly in the opposite direction”. This means that any light ray hitting such a surface will come back exactly where it comes from !

    And here’s what it looks like in real life :

    The other part is the head mounted projective display in itself :

    The device embeds two projective lenses that project the 3d images onto the Retro reflective surface, which are then seen by the user:

    This system has the advantage of adressing the multi-point of view problems that arise in a SAS Cube/Cave, and providing “correct occlusion cues for both virtual and real objects and because each participants has his own individually correct viewpoint.”

    They also have built an entire collaborative infrastructure called Scape (stereoscopic collaboration in augmented and projective environments), and a room which is really impressive :

    Can I test that somewhere? =)

    Mon 8 May 2006

    Paper: Advances in X3D multi-user virtual environments

    Published at 14:16   Category Virtual Reality  

    This paper presents the current state of the art in web3d multi-user technologies and more specifically networked virtual environment platforms that support the X3D standard.

    Mon 8 May 2006

    The Metaverse Roadmap

    Published at 14:12   Category Virtual Reality  

    from Metaverse Roadmap :
    “What happens when video games meet Web 2.0? When virtual worlds meet geospatial maps of the planet? When simulations get real and life and business go virtual? When your avatar becomes your blog, your desktop, and your online agent? What happens is the metaverse.”

    Those people are thinking about what will happen in the next 10 years about the interconnexion of the virtual and the real world. The participants include the CEO of Google Earth, the co-founder of Multiverse, and important people at Sun, Microsoft, Linden Lab, researchers, and so on.

    And what better way to predict the future is there than to create it?

    Mon 8 May 2006

    Virtual Kung-Fu

    Published at 11:16   Category Virtual Reality  

    (via VRoot.org ) Now that’s beginning to look like the kind of applications I’m waiting for in VR!!
    “Kick Ass Kung Fu lets players fight onscreen enemies using real kicks, punches,”. Check out the video !!
    A camera, a blue screen, and you’re inside the game, where your kicks touch your virtual opponent and you’re free to move
    and fight however you want !! No cables and lots of free space..

    Finish him !!!

    Tue 2 May 2006

    Blog update

    Published at 23:47   Category Perso  

    Just a quick note to say I upgraded dotclear and installed an anti-spam on comments. Comments are opened again !
    I also added a poll, so feel free to participate ;)

    ( I know about the color pbm, but now I just want to sleep and stop being a geek !! )

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