Month: January 2010

VR History – The birth of the Crystaleyes shutterglasses

Lenny Lipton, founder of Stereographics and former CTO of RealD, talks in his blog in a not so humble series of articles [Part 1, Part 2] about the invention of the Crystaleyes shutterglasses : The basic concept of…

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Leaving Virtools

So.. I didn’t have much time those days to update the blog although the VR field is still very active. The french VR association has elected a new president, the 3DUI Grand Prize is going well, soon the…

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ESIEA – Virtual Showcase : New videos

I’ve already talked about the Virtual Showcase, created by a team of teachers and students of the ESIEA french engineering school, and I’ve also had the chance to test it : it rocks ! It’s elegant, it’s lowcost and…

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