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[This article was published in 2006, is super outdated 🙂 ]

[So much is happening currently that this page can be a bit outdated :]


VR Technique

3D User Interfaces


VR Conferences



  1. Being a VR geek, I’m sure you’ll be interested in a couple of new items for your History section. These show a TV news clip from 1990& showing Europe’s first commercially available VR system – the ProVision system from Division Ltd (Bristol UK). This system was all software (dozens of parallel processors doing real-time Z buffering). The second clip shows one of the first demo reels produced for the second generation ProVision system, which used custom hardware for polygon shading/Z-buffering. Enjoy.

  2. Found it in a box that I have which is full of master tapes, documents, photos, hardware etc. covering all of the VR development at Division from 1989 to 1999. This is the earliest known public video footage (Spring 1990, from memory) – I think there’s some internal footage of earlier stuff in the box, somewhere. Just need the time to sort through it all.

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