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  • Thu 19 Jun 2008

    Consumer markerless tracking

    Published at 14:07   Category VR Devices  

    Yesterday I attended the Dassault Systèmes Developer Conference (Devcon 2008), and had a good time playing with Softkinetic technology of markerless body tracking. They use a special camera that gives you a depth map and from that they can get blobs corresponding to voxels of objects in the field of view of the camera (correct me if I’m wrong Gilles ;) . They can also analyze those information and get you human skeletons to work with.

    And they have really funny games!

    YouTube Preview Image

    - Stéphanie from our Marketing team taking a sportive break -

    - Eric and yours truly playing coop -

    The advantage of this technology is that people don’t have to “make the first step” like putting trackers, markers or anything. As soon as they are in front of the screen, they’re in the game! And the interaction is plain natural, no learning curve.

    Here’s the human tetris, virtual style :

    YouTube Preview Image

    Following the same idea, CamSpace by Cam-Trax technologies is using really basic markers that can simply be everyday objects, like a bottle of water. It seems the marker simply has to be of a uniform color to be initialized. I don’t have much info about the techno, what kind of data they can get from that, but I’d gess you can have the 2d position of the object, an estimation of its depth, and an orientation along the camera optical axis.

    YouTube Preview Image

    Ah I really hope we’ll soon get markerless, wireless, full body, precise, cheap, small, <insert your wishlist here>, lightweight, undestructible, 6dof tracking with haptics…

    Wed 4 Jun 2008

    Quebec Cyberpsychology Cave

    Published at 16:54   Category VR Applications, VR Displays  

    Here’s a nice video (in french sorry) about a 6 faces CAVE used for therapy in Quebec.

    YouTube Preview Image
    Tue 3 Jun 2008

    Your 3D application on the biggest VR screen

    Published at 13:45   Category VR Applications  

    Dassault Systèmes (who owns Virtools who I work for) is running a challenge called “VR Experience” to produce content for La Geode, the biggest VR screen!

    You could win a BARCO stereoscopic projector worth 75,000 euros and 3DVIA Virtools licenses

    The application has to be made with Virtools, with some guidelines to have it run both on the web and on VR screens.

    The deadline for submission of projects registration (ie not the application) is September 12 2008.

    That’s a great way to get recognition of your work and have lots of fun !!


    Original, fun and/or educational with a strong interactive dimension, the projects can deal with any of the
    following topics:

    - History and civilization: A concept based around TROY or the Palace of Versailles is encouraged
    - Science and technology: Open
    - Human adventure: Open
    - Anticipation: Open
    - Nature: Open
    - Great discovery: Open


    From the competition rules :

    Phase 1
    May 22 to September 12, 2008Creation of the team

    Project write-up / Storyboard / Technical specification / Submission of application pack

    Preselection of 10 projects that will receive 3DVIA Virtool licenses, 1,500 euros
    per project and, in order to complete 3D tests, access to La Géode as well as to the virtual reality projection rooms of Dassault Systèmes (France) and BARCO (Belgium).

    Phase 2
    For the 10 preselected projects – October 1 to March 2009

    Creation of a pilot using 3DVIA Virtools for broadcast online and in a virtual reality environment.
    Presentation of the pilots in front of the jury in March 2009.
    Award of prizes to the 3 winners
    (provision of software, equipment, bursary, with an overall budget of about 75,000 euros) at Laval Virtual 2009.