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  • Thu 23 Aug 2007

    And the Wiiner is ..

    Published at 19:23   Category Game  

    It’s official, the Wii is the best seller of the next-gen consoles, although it was released one year after the XBOX 360.

    Thu 23 Aug 2007

    Markerless realtime 3D tracking & modeling

    Published at 13:16   Category Augmented Reality, VR Devices  

    A french lab, who published a paper at Siggraph 2007, is working on a impressive markerless tracking/modeling system, the GrImage Platform:

    This architecture is designed for mixed reality applications requiring such dynamic models, tele-immersion for instance. (…)

    The acquisition [is] based on standard firewire cameras; the computation, based on a distribution scheme over a cluster of PC and using a recent shape-from-silhouette algorithm which leads to optimally precise 3D models.

    YouTube Preview Image
    Fri 17 Aug 2007

    Interactive 360º Light Field Display

    Published at 13:36   Category VR Displays  

    From a Siggraph 2007 paper, heres’ an interesting new display technology “for an autostereoscopic light field display able to present interactive 3D graphics to multiple simultaneous viewers 360 degrees around the display.”.

    This video (86.6MB, (Quicktime h264) ) shows it all.

    (thanks to Daniel Neveux for the link ;)

    [Update: the youtube video : ]

    YouTube Preview Image
    Wed 1 Aug 2007

    Soon, the Wii will win

    Published at 21:51   Category Game  

    Aha, who would have bet on these figures 6 months ago ?

    From this Digg post : “With only 620,000 units seperating them and Wii selling around 200,000 units per week more than 360 worldwide we should see total Wii sales pass Microsofts console in around 3 weeks time! So in 9 months Wii will have sold as much as it took Xbox360 to sell in 21 months!”