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  • Wed 29 Jun 2011

    VR Geeks @ Laval Virtual 2011

    Published at 13:45   Category VR Applications  

    The VR Geeks (non-for-profit association) were invited to the Laval Virtual tradeshow, the largest VR tradeshow in Europe !

    (See my review here)

    (Update: by the way, we now have a Facebook page. We’re trendy. )


    Our secretary David built a projector mount for less than 50€ :

    This allowed us to have two immersive VR setups (a VRKit-Wall and a VRKit-HMD) for less than 2000€.

    Professionnal days

    During the three pro days we had a lot of people interested to see what we could do with such a limited budget, and most people seemed to like it a lot.

    I think we really achieved our goal of proving that it’s possible to create really immersive experiences with low-cost hardware.

    We mostly showed three applications :

    - VR Asteroid, created by our fellow Ukrainians VR Geeks of VRM, which attracted a lot of people thanks to it’s beauty, simplicity and immersion.

    YouTube Preview Image

    - VR Sadistic made a good impression thanks to its innovative gameplay :

    YouTube Preview Image

    - and finally VR Escape which has more interesting 3d interactions.

    All in all, people were rather impressed by the quality of our content and by the immersion of our VR systems.


    We also had a poster at the international conference, VRIC, about those two cheap VR systems : Low-cost and home-made immersive systems

    General public days

    Saturday and Sunday were dedicated to the general public, who often only knows about 3D games. We showed only VR Asteroid and Sadistic because they can be run without the fragile, wired, Gametrak.

    The public was impressed that we did all this for free, on our free time, and we baptised a lot of people, from the youngest to the oldest !


    The association now has around 60 members, the French mailing list has 130 members. We also got more press coverage : http://www.vrgeeks.org/in-the-news

    We also bumped into Carolina Cruz-Neira, co-inventor of the CAVE system, who like our work and accepted to be an honorary member of the VR Geeks !! (You can tell because she has the two VR Geeks badges ;)


    That was a (very) intense tradeshow, but it was really worth it ! We had a lot of fun and met a lot of people!

    A big thank you to Nicolas and Sylvestre for being there the whole time, and to all the VR Geeks who participated to make this even a success !

    Thu 2 Jun 2011

    Quick Links #9

    Published at 22:26   Category Virtual Reality  

    Twitting, coding, twitting, coding …

    - Ouverture des inscriptions au master VR de Laval : http://graduateschool.paristech.fr/programme.php?id=947

    - FRAVE: Flexible Virtual Reality System – 10 3D full HD (1920×1080) plasma screens. Any video ? http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/2056946/frave_flexible_virtual_reality_system/

    - Realtime facial animation using a Kinect Hack http://t.co/vWi1Mhd via @kinecthacking

    - U.S. Army Building New Virtual Reality Training System Using Crysis 2 Engine http://t.co/PB9rG3A

    - Using #VR for rehabilitation (at EPFL) http://t.co/LEyX0Z7 via @iVEvangelist

    - Really instructive article about brightness and luminance in stereo-mode http://bit.ly/lhcYDt

    - Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability – http://www.jnd.org/dn.mss/gestural_interfaces_a_step_backwards_in_usability_6.html

    - Le livre blanc de la 3D stéréoscopique : http://www.itbroadcastanddigitalcinema.com/docs/LivreBlancRelief.pdf

    - YouTube Goes 3D – Gear News at IGN http://t.co/fcK2ogH via @IGN

    - Any feedback on the Infinit-Z VR system ? http://www.infinitez.com/product

    - How to Install Kinect + windows 7 32/64 bit (because sometimes it’s not that easy…) http://t.co/Lrlhl31

    - #VRPN 7.29 is out : http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/vrpn/

    - PSA Peugeot Citroën et l’Ecole des MINES ParisTech inaugurent ce 18 mai la chaire «Robotique et Réalité Virtuelle» #VR #robotique #PSA

    - William Gibson’s Neuromancer coming to the big screen at last! http://www.vr-news.com/?p=2521

    - Re-lion suit : Immersive Suit + Large Area Tracking = Military simulation – http://t.co/Jn5QVTv

    - Virtual Classroom ADHD Media Report, featuring Skip Rizzo – http://t.co/UlRNX2M

    - Evolutions du marché des environnements de RV ou RA pour la formation en entreprise : http://prea2k30.risc.cnrs.fr/contribs/afficher/58

    - #VRGeeks paper at #LavalVirtual : Low-cost and home-made immersive systems : http://www.laval-virtual.org/2011/papers_2011//80.pdf

    - @rektide Laval Virtual papers : http://www.laval-virtual.org/#More-Digital%20Library

    - Back in the Day – Virtual & Augmented Reality 1990 http://t.co/OIhIVUs via @youtube

    - Useful: survey of IR shutterglasses sync protocols: Useful: survey of IR shutterglasses sync protocols http://bit.ly/mpQyVk

    - RT @tkoscielniak: Hôpital St Anne #vr réalité virtuelle pour traiter phobie de l’avion http://img.ly/3ZNU

    - RT @fdoganis: ZeroTouch ‘optical multi-touch force field’ makes a touchscreen out of just about anything http://t.co/Pl3hn8F via @engadget

    - Equalizer 1.0 released! – Create and deploy parallel OpenGL-based applications – http://bit.ly/kTM578

    - Motion control: Game designers must learn how to use 3D input devices – http://t.co/RzyKeI3

    - Pix4D – Turns Thousands of 2D Photos into 3D Images http://t.co/4itsfeS

    - Toyota forklift training preview http://t.co/RcglHiu via @youtube

    - My detailed review on Vuzix Wrap 920 AR: http://www.vrtifacts.com/hmds/vuzix-wrap-920-augmented-reality-hands-on/ Enjoy! :)

    - 2D Glasses – Removing one dimension can be a good thing ! http://t.co/531X9lg via @hankgreen

    - Could virtual sex be the Kinect’s killer app? (NSFW) http://t.co/X6FqRFO via @gizmag

    - Journal des jeux vidéo sur Canal+ spécial #lavalvirtual http://www.canalplus.fr/c-infos-documentaires/pid1829-le-journal-des-jeux-video.html

    - #IVR #Suit #DIY #Game Tomlucient’s First Look at the XIO Gaming VR Simulator Prototype youtube.com/watch?v=lV3j2Y…

    - Why make a big HMD ? Because : http://www.vrtifacts.com/hmds/why-big-helmets-still-rule/

    - Laval Virtual 2011 featuring #VRGeeks (see video @ 3mins 18) http://t.co/eNLoRuO via @gaetan

    - Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications – Free eBook – http://szeliski.org/Book/

    - RT @AlainClapaud – Laval Virtual 2011 Video, featuring a bit of #VRGeeks ! http://t.co/IquoPcw via @youtube

    - Pictures from Laval Virtual 2011 ipernity: Laval Virtual 2011 by janoc – www.ipernity.com: Reshared post from … http://bit.ly/gGk0DT

    - #3DUI #locomotion #IVR IEEE VR 2011: Shadow Walking youtube.com/watch?v=WY_aWG… via @IVEvangelist

    -#VRGeeks in PC Jeux magazine – http://bit.ly/hbQleR

    - “Les débrouillards de la réalité virtuelle” #VRGeeks @LavalVirtual in Ouest-France newspaper – http://bit.ly/eiMcS9

    - Visite du salon Laval Virtual 2011 http://t.co/zBg5Wji via @AddThis

    - Laval Virtual en image : la réalité virtuelle de plus en plus… réelle http://t.co/ObJjFlR via @AddThis

    - Retour sur LavalVirtual 2011 : les dispositifs immersifs. via

    - Back from a good week-end ! 30 new members for the and maybe a local chapter in Laval soon ?