Quick Links #9

Twitting, coding, twitting, coding …

– Ouverture des inscriptions au master VR de Laval : http://graduateschool.paristech.fr/programme.php?id=947

– FRAVE: Flexible Virtual Reality System – 10 3D full HD (1920×1080) plasma screens. Any video ? http://www.redorbit.com/news/technology/2056946/frave_flexible_virtual_reality_system/

– Realtime facial animation using a Kinect Hack http://t.co/vWi1Mhd via @kinecthacking

– U.S. Army Building New Virtual Reality Training System Using Crysis 2 Engine http://t.co/PB9rG3A

– Using #VR for rehabilitation (at EPFL) http://t.co/LEyX0Z7 via @iVEvangelist

– Really instructive article about brightness and luminance in stereo-mode http://bit.ly/lhcYDt

– Gestural Interfaces: A Step Backwards In Usability – http://www.jnd.org/dn.mss/gestural_interfaces_a_step_backwards_in_usability_6.html

– Le livre blanc de la 3D stéréoscopique : http://www.itbroadcastanddigitalcinema.com/docs/LivreBlancRelief.pdf

– YouTube Goes 3D – Gear News at IGN http://t.co/fcK2ogH via @IGN

– Any feedback on the Infinit-Z VR system ? http://www.infinitez.com/product

– How to Install Kinect + windows 7 32/64 bit (because sometimes it’s not that easy…) http://t.co/Lrlhl31

#VRPN 7.29 is out : http://www.cs.unc.edu/Research/vrpn/

– PSA Peugeot Citroën et l’Ecole des MINES ParisTech inaugurent ce 18 mai la chaire «Robotique et Réalité Virtuelle» #VR #robotique #PSA

– William Gibson’s Neuromancer coming to the big screen at last! http://www.vr-news.com/?p=2521

– Re-lion suit : Immersive Suit + Large Area Tracking = Military simulation – http://t.co/Jn5QVTv

– Virtual Classroom ADHD Media Report, featuring Skip Rizzo – http://t.co/UlRNX2M

– Evolutions du marché des environnements de RV ou RA pour la formation en entreprise : http://prea2k30.risc.cnrs.fr/contribs/afficher/58

#VRGeeks paper at #LavalVirtual : Low-cost and home-made immersive systems : http://www.laval-virtual.org/2011/papers_2011//80.pdf

@rektide Laval Virtual papers : http://www.laval-virtual.org/#More-Digital%20Library

– Back in the Day – Virtual & Augmented Reality 1990 http://t.co/OIhIVUs via @youtube

– Useful: survey of IR shutterglasses sync protocols: Useful: survey of IR shutterglasses sync protocols http://bit.ly/mpQyVk

– RT @tkoscielniak: Hôpital St Anne #vr réalité virtuelle pour traiter phobie de l’avion http://img.ly/3ZNU

– RT @fdoganis: ZeroTouch ‘optical multi-touch force field’ makes a touchscreen out of just about anything http://t.co/Pl3hn8F via @engadget

– Equalizer 1.0 released! – Create and deploy parallel OpenGL-based applications – http://bit.ly/kTM578

– Motion control: Game designers must learn how to use 3D input devices – http://t.co/RzyKeI3

– Pix4D – Turns Thousands of 2D Photos into 3D Images http://t.co/4itsfeS

– Toyota forklift training preview http://t.co/RcglHiu via @youtube

– My detailed review on Vuzix Wrap 920 AR: http://www.vrtifacts.com/hmds/vuzix-wrap-920-augmented-reality-hands-on/ Enjoy! 🙂

– 2D Glasses – Removing one dimension can be a good thing ! http://t.co/531X9lg via @hankgreen

– Could virtual sex be the Kinect’s killer app? (NSFW) http://t.co/X6FqRFO via @gizmag

– Journal des jeux vidéo sur Canal+ spécial #lavalvirtual http://www.canalplus.fr/c-infos-documentaires/pid1829-le-journal-des-jeux-video.html

#IVR #Suit #DIY #Game Tomlucient’s First Look at the XIO Gaming VR Simulator Prototype youtube.com/watch?v=lV3j2Y…

– Why make a big HMD ? Because : http://www.vrtifacts.com/hmds/why-big-helmets-still-rule/

– Laval Virtual 2011 featuring #VRGeeks (see video @ 3mins 18) http://t.co/eNLoRuO via @gaetan

– Computer Vision: Algorithms and Applications – Free eBook – http://szeliski.org/Book/

– RT @AlainClapaud – Laval Virtual 2011 Video, featuring a bit of #VRGeeks ! http://t.co/IquoPcw via @youtube

– Pictures from Laval Virtual 2011 ipernity: Laval Virtual 2011 by janoc – www.ipernity.com: Reshared post from … http://bit.ly/gGk0DT

#3DUI #locomotion #IVR IEEE VR 2011: Shadow Walking youtube.com/watch?v=WY_aWG… via @IVEvangelist

#VRGeeks in PC Jeux magazine – http://bit.ly/hbQleR

– “Les débrouillards de la réalité virtuelle” #VRGeeks @LavalVirtual in Ouest-France newspaper – http://bit.ly/eiMcS9

– Visite du salon Laval Virtual 2011 http://t.co/zBg5Wji via @AddThis

– Laval Virtual en image : la réalité virtuelle de plus en plus… réelle http://t.co/ObJjFlR via @AddThis

– Retour sur LavalVirtual 2011 : les dispositifs immersifs. via

Back from a good week-end ! 30 new members for the and maybe a local chapter in Laval soon ?

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