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Hey !

How are you doing ?

Long time no see ! (unless you’re following me on Twitter!)

Sorry for the lack of updates, 110% of my energy is going to my company ” i’m in VR ” and the product ” MiddleVR for Unity “.

The first version was released at Laval Virtual where it received an Award ! We had (and still have) a lot of great beta testers.

You can download MiddleVR and try it freely for 30 days !

In the meantime I went to IEEE VR 2012 in Costa Mesa and IVR in Tokyo.

Some interesting things are happening on the low-cost VR side: fellow VR Geek Palmer Luckey is about to release a DIY HMD kit, backed by John Carmack himself !

I have a feeling people are looking at VR differently now, like an accessible dream.

Or maybe it’s just me ?

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