New immersive cubes

During my “european tour” to beta test MiddleVR I’ve been able to experience a few new VR systems that have been recently built or upgraded:


– a 4 sided immersive cube in London, at the University College London :

Will Steptoe wrote an article about how and why he used a Kinect in this Cave, using MiddleVR.


– a 4 sided immersive cube in the University of Barcelona, in Mel Slater’s Event Lab :


– a 5 sided immersive cube in Madrid in the CeDInt (Research Centre for Smart Buildings and Energy Efficiency) of the Politecnica University, which has the particularity of having a ceiling !

( No it’s not curved, I’m just using a fisheye lens for the iPhone )

Rennes, France

And last but not least the new immersive system of the VR4i team at the IRISA research center, named Immersia3,  HUUUUUUGE !!! 9.6m wide !! 8 projectors for the front wall, 3 for the floor, and two more for the sides soon. You can actually split it to have two immersive systems !

(the virtual rooms looks small, but remember that the perspective is only correct for the users’ eyes. So the room looks correct to him.)

All this technology is really impressive, but what I enjoyed the most was meeting the passionate people that are actually using those VR systems.

It’s not about the technology, it’s about what you do with it. My goal is that you focus on your application, not on the technology.

The tests went very smoothly, MiddleVR got great feedback and everything is looking good.

So expect the v1.0 of MiddleVR very soon !!

Oh and I’m also very happy to report that the INSA Rennes engineering school (in Rennes also) created a VR wall for their students based on the VR-Kit Wall from the VR Geeks !!

They called it the “µRV” (microRV) :

It’s looking really nice (and cheap), I’m happy to see that the VR democratization is actually helping students to learn VR !

So to conclude, a huge thank you to everyone for your warm welcome !!!

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