MiddleVR – Teaser 2

[Update: MiddleVR for Unity is now released !! http://www.imin-vr.com]

Some of you already know it, but I’ve been working on a new product called MiddleVR, a middleware for VR (pun intended).

It’s a VR plugin which goal is to add VR capabilities to 3D engines.

The VR capabilities include 3D trackers management, stereoscopy/viewports management and cluster management.

I’ve also created a company, ” i’m in VR “, to commercialize this product. ” i’m in ” also stands for “i’m(mersion) in(teraction)”.

Here’s an integration of MiddleVR in Unity3D :

Of course we hope to have other 3D engines supported.

The plugin is in C++ and it has been designed to be very easy to use. It also has a C# wrapper. You could compare MiddleVR to VRJuggler or Cavelib.

It is currently in beta phase and the v1.0 should be ready in fall.

We’re working really hard on this, so that’s why I’m a bit less active online.

Let me know what you think 🙂

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  1. Hey this is super awesome what you are developing right now. I just wanna say thank you and i am looking forward to get in touch with it.
    If you need one more beta tester, i got a vuzix vr920 and a 3d vision compatible projector + kinect wiimotes razer hydra, so i could test some stuff.

    Greets meNace

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