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  • Thu 29 Sep 2005


    Published at 10:47   Category Tech  

    Some SLI infos :

    - SLI allows you to couple multiple 3d cards to improve performances.
    - The Inquirer states a new motherboard is out with 4 SLI capability is out, that means a possibility of 8 screens for one computer !! (with 1 card for 2 screens)
    - We learn on the OSG Mailing list that :

     "Can you use more than two graphics cards with SLI? 
     NVIDIA currently supports only dual GPU scaling at this time, however, SLI Technology is not limited to using only 2 GPUs."
    Fri 23 Sep 2005

    Hollywood Future : Game / Movie merge !

    Published at 12:05   Category Tech  

    What does the next 75 years hold for Hollywood? A look into the future through the eyes of key industry players.

    Fri 23 Sep 2005

    Preview of future NVIDIA 1.0-8XXX Drivers on Linux

    Published at 12:00   Category OpenGL  

    Here !

    Fri 23 Sep 2005

    GameTrak controller

    Published at 11:57   Category Virtual Reality  

    A new 3d controller for the PS2!

    Thu 22 Sep 2005


    Published at 12:15   Category VR Devices  

    VirtuSphere provides a mechnical basis for truly immersive virtual reality environments, permitting the user to move about in virtual space by simply walking.

    Wed 21 Sep 2005

    The most beautiful CG girl #2

    Published at 10:29   Category 3d  

    See the models here. Here are my favorites : Psycho Girlfriend, Inae, Glasses

    Tue 20 Sep 2005

    Nvidia FX Composer 2 to support OpenGL Shading Language and use COLLADA format

    Published at 15:02   Category OpenGL  

    Interesting presentations at nvidia.com :
    - An introduction to shaders and how to integrate them into your applications.
    - Shaders in Your Toolchain : – COLLADA – FX Composer 2 – Softimage.

    Fri 16 Sep 2005

    New Nintendo Joystick as a 3D Tracker !!

    Published at 13:03   Category Virtual Reality  

    Read this, this, and look at this (mov, 17mo). This controller will be used as a 3D tracker, and it seems it will be accurate and fast optical tracking. I want it !!!

    Fri 16 Sep 2005

    What is Sparkle ?

    Published at 11:20   Category Tech  

    From this article at ArsTechnica :

    Sparkle has been generating hype for almost two years now and the entire time it was considered to be a Flash-like product. (..)
    Currently, when a designer designs a UI for an application they have to do it in a mock-up and then hand it off to the developer to implement in the software. (..)
    Sparkle allows a designer to design the actual application (..) and it creates a C# project ready for the developer to use.

    How did Sparkle become known as a “Flash Killer” if it is simply a form designer? The obvious answer is that the form designer is only one aspect to Sparkle. 3D has always been a rather daunting environment for designers due to the greater complexity. Sparkle removes the additional complexity by allowing designers to work with models in a 3D environment without worrying about the z-axis. It also has the ability to change a 2D object into a 3D object to allow for depth and rotation.

    I wonder how a 3d environment without worrying about the z-axis is still a 3d environment..
    Oh well =)

    Thu 15 Sep 2005

    Light stopped !

    Published at 12:32   Category Tech  

    From this article at wikinews :

    Light stopped for over a second, breaking record

    Light has been stopped in its tracks for more than one second, a thousand times longer than the previous record.

    Researchers at the Australian National University used a technique called electromagnetically induced transparency, in which a beam of laser light puts the atoms in a solid sample into a state in which a signal light pulse can be trapped.”

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