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  • Thu 25 Nov 2010

    Quick Links #6

    Published at 18:42   Category Virtual Reality  

    .. blabla .. Twitter .. blabla ..

    - Immersion Newsletter – Calisto-SARI #VR Room for real scale building visit - http://bit.ly/elw0fo

    - Immersion Newsletter – Renault #VR systems to design #Cars -http://bit.ly/gzPEwB

    - Immersion Newsletter #VRhttp://bit.ly/hOW90q

    - Motorola partners with Kopin to create a #wearable #microdisplay#AR? - shar.es/XXs4b

    - Use Your Camera To Capture “3D” Anaglyphs http://www.instructables.com/id/Use-Your-Camera-To-Capture-3D-Anaglyphs/

    - DIGITEYEZER turns your iphone into a powerful 3D Scanner - http://bit.ly/ftUu7D http://bit.ly/gPa40Q (Thanks @alextactac !!)

    - Insight3D is a new open-source software that can generate 3D models from a series of photographs: http://bit.ly/fPpM3D

    - Car design goes virtual: How the Jaguar Land Rover headquarters tests new vehicles (Wired UK) http://www.wired.co.uk/magazine/archive/2010/12/start/car-design-goes-virtual

    - Virtual Cow — Haptics at The Royal Veterinary College – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ephvAcFeGnU

    - Advanced VR treatment at the UBB University, Romania: wp.me/pEvXs-1nq

    - Retrospective photo review of Forte VFX1 Virtual Reality system - http://bit.ly/cKzjFH

    - Wow, great keynote speakers for the french VR association conference : Doug Bowman, Hideo Saito and Paul Milgram !! http://afrv2010.limsi.fr

    - 3 screen to add depth in videos on the iPhone : i3DG http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=na-R4rZkzH0

    - Playsation Move on PC is also on the way : http://code.google.com/p/moveonpc/

    - RT @INRIA_FR: New immersive room at INRIA Sophia Antipolis. Interview of Henri Gouraud, specialist of 3D rendering : http://bit.ly/blNO1D

    - INRIA Rennes presents its new Virtual Reality Immersive Platform: IMMERSIA http://bit.ly/dbeQmm (via@cbourdet) #INRIA

    - A cheap, portable HMD with your iPhone ? -Hasbro to Launch $30 ‘My3D’ Accessory for iPhone and iPod Touch macrumo.rs/9sCuDtvia @MacRumors

    - Fast hologram writing, but no video yet despite what the title suggests – http://www.sciencecodex.com/moving_holograms_from_science_fiction_to_reality

    - Jaron Lanier - WSJ.com – On the Threshold of the Avatar Erahttp://on.wsj.com/9Iz4MN

    - VIDEO: Microsoft Kinect – as seen through infrared goggles #kinect#xbox #microsoft http://bit.ly/b10OF1

    - IAM4MIME, great shadows (real and virtual) and mime performance - http://bit.ly/a7LWo6

    - Registrations for Laval Virtual are opened: rent a booth, register for conferences or attending exhibition: http://bit.ly/regLV11

    - Réalité virtuelle et handicap : quatre entreprises soutenues par Laval Agglomération http://bit.ly/cOZlKs

    - AMD HD3D Technology – What You Should’ve Know from the Start.. - http://bit.ly/9KcGqS

    - Online Euler > Quaternion conversion :http://www.onlineconversion.com/quaternions.htm

    Tue 23 Nov 2010

    Online VR Introduction

    Published at 23:23   Category Virtual Reality  

    I’ve recently given an introductory VR course at my former engineering school and I’ve decided to put my presentation online under a Creative Commons license, hoping that this can help someone to learn or teach VR (not that this is the most perfect presentation, but it covers a good introductory ground).

    Because knowledge is power !

    This particular Creative Commons license (Attribution) means that :

    You are free:

    • to Share — to copy, distribute and transmit the work
    • to Remix — to adapt the work

    Under the following conditions:

    • Attribution — You must attribute the work in the manner specified by the author or licensor (but not in any way that suggests that they endorse you or your use of the work).

    So if you’re preparing a VR course you can use parts or the whole of this presentation. I can feed students during 3 hours wih this version.

    The images and videos are still copyright of their owners. I haven’t found all the copyrights so if you’re an owner please contact me before suing me !

    Of course if you live in an exotic country, you definitely should invite me to give this introductory course, there is a lot more that is being said on stage :)

    The presentation is best seen fullscreen :

    View more presentations from SebKuntz.
    Feel free to comment, correct, criticize or suggest improvements !
    Fri 19 Nov 2010

    How moving while playing hacks into your emotions

    Published at 10:55   Category Virtual Reality  

    There’s a nice article at Wired explaining why playing with the Wii, Kinect or the PS Move (outrageously absent from the article!) triggers emotions impossible to have with a simple gamepad :

    Numerous studies have shown that movements or postures generate cues the mind can use to figure out how it feels, a phenomenon dubbed the physical-feedback effect. Wii games might also create emotions between people through “emotional contagion,” where the brain can make us feel what we see, hear, read or think others experience.

    The scientists are categorizing motions seen in Wii games using a system developed by famous early 20th-century dance researcher Rudolf Laban, who codified movements based on factors such as whether they were fast or slow, light or heavy.


    Preliminary findings reveal that not only is the type of motion important, but the quality of it can be, too. For instance, while both Boogie Superstar and Wii Cheer involved copying dance moves, participants in tests enjoyed the latter far more than the former, saying they felt constrained and mechanical in Boogie Superstar and flowing and buoyant with Wii Cheer. (…)

    “Physically being in sync can lead to feelings of liking or trust. You can make people feel more connected.” (…)

    “One really wonderful thing you can do with games is identify with protagonists, to go on the hero’s journey, and imagine how much one could feel what they feel if players learned to stand and move the same way — to go, say, from a hesitant posture to a confident one,” (…)

    “Designing interaction as if we did not have any body or emotion is detrimental to what it means to be human,” Höök said. “Isbister’s work is at the heart of what it means to be human.”

    I believe that presence is another body is one of the strongest effect you will get, but let’s leave some fun for another article !

    This adds information to this article : “Why gesture gives you more immersion

    And on a completely unrelated note, here’s a nice optical illusion :

    Tue 2 Nov 2010

    Quick links #5

    Published at 23:24   Category Virtual Reality  

    It seems I’m using Twitter more and more. I didn’t realize I had twitted so much, I’ll try to summarize more often.

    - A new 3D mouse -http://t.co/nZQMKMg – Seems to work a lot like the GlobeFish doesn’t it ? http://t.co/L49MNrV

    - Dassault Systèmes LIVES #IVR system - http://t.co/iLnhUaXvia @youtube

    - Nice VR video with passive haptics - http://bit.ly/bUmoyF

    - VR and Training #fr video by AFPA - http://bit.ly/cNfVlB (2005)

    - Immersive Virtual Reality and Visual Handicap http://bit.ly/a4EoGb

    - Early days of 3D in France, online videos of the pioneers talking at FMX 2009 : http://bit.ly/9Z5IDh

    - EON Reality Launches High-End 3D Display Innovation – 5 mini-caves to collaborate : http://t.co/HEUAgF3

    - Small projection domes : TOOB - http://bit.ly/cfVAe4

    - Scenes From the 2010 Immersive Tech Summithttp://bit.ly/docRBv

    - AMD HD3D, the answer to NVidia 3D vision -http://bit.ly/clrNam

    - Airbus future VR center #FRhttp://bit.ly/bE97nX

    - NVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision Best Practices Guides are now available in our 3D Development area http://bit.ly/cZHgLZ

    - Homebrew Glove, based on Arduino - http://bit.ly/9l42T5

    - 10 eMove Mocapsuit Consumer Gaming Device Developer Kits To Be Awarded This November - http://bit.ly/bXadUR

    - Using a hacked Wiimote and a Gametrak to get absolute orientation and position  - http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/node/7649

    - Telepresence robot : http://robodynamics.com/

    - John Deere’s VR - http://bit.ly/c23H19

    - The first virtual reality center in the world focused on marine technology: http://t.co/iLm991l

    - Lexus shows off World’s Most Advanced Driving Simulator -http://bit.ly/b3U5xw

    - General 3D Announces Web-Based HTML5/WebGL Stereoscopic 3D System http://goo.gl/fb/2AiBX

    - Virtual Revulsion Therapy: Pixelated Pests Help Treat Cockroach Phobia: http://t.co/DHjWOz6

    - Mock disaster: Police use computer simulation to prepare for real threats - OrlandoSentinel.com http://t.co/VQKfUda

    - Driving the Undriven: Ford’s CAVE Environment and Programmable Vehicle Model http://t.co/USHw5g7 via @digitaltrends

    - RT @gamasutra: Analysis: The Psychology of Immersion in Video  Games http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/29910/

    - Rumors of a 720p #S3D #HMD by Carl Zeiss for ~ $500http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11510

    - Interview with Paul J. Travers, CEO & Founder of Vuzix Corporation http://t.co/p76Gemg via @youtube

    - iVEvangelist « La Gestalt : l’art du contact » de Ginger-S: peut-être l’essence de l’iVhttp://search.kooaba.com/books/5599933

    - A chat with Microsoft Principal Researcher Bill Buxton, Part IIIhttp://t.co/U6RVsXZ via @globeandmail

    - Autostereoscopic #S3D Screen for NVIDIA Tegra Smart Phones At NVIDIA GTC 2010 http://t.co/ySqHJUT

    - Six ways that artists hack your brain -http://www.newscientist.com/special/six-ways-that-artists-hack-your-brain

    - 3D Blu-ray on the PS3: it works! (video) http://t.co/5eZ9zLwvia @engadget

    - Sony’s PlayMemories app brings 3D photos to your PlayStation 3 http://t.co/bmMCsXK via @engadget

    - Unilever using VR shops #fr #ivr http://bit.ly/bwT31m

    - lavalvirtual Ready, steady, Go! Laval Virtual 2011 is launched. Discover our new website on :http://bit.ly/dCHdbA Thanks for your comments and RT :-)

    - The Montreal Neurological Institute opened its brand new neurosurgical virtual reality training centre -http://bit.ly/c553Zz

    - Nice way of creating 2.5D pictures and motion parallax with an iPad !! http://kotaku.com/5641214/a-3d-twist-on-2d-street-fighters

    - 3D User Interaction with the PS Move & Tumble Game :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=358gsPUfmdE

    - Head-mounted display projects directly onto the retina:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I0hF0cbw8E&feature=player_embedded

    - Human Unconscious Is Transferred to Virtual Characters -http://vroot.org/node/5625