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  • Sat 16 Apr 2011

    An HMD in a ski mask ?

    Published at 9:22   Category VR Displays, Virtual Reality DIY  

    I’ve sacrificed my ski mask so that I could mount my Vuzix VR 920 in it. It took me one hour.

    This has two great advantages :

    - it completely occludes the real world, which is good for presence,

    - it can be tightly adjusted to fit on your head and is quite comfortable.

    Before covering it :

    After covering it :

    Some disadvantages :

    - it’s less practical for people with glasses,

    - it’s less hygienic,

    - less heat dissipation which caused the HMD to fail a few times during Laval Virtual

    We used it heavily during the Laval Virtual tradeshow (review coming soon..) and are very happy with the result !