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  • Fri 24 Feb 2006

    3d Painted Rooms

    Published at 11:15   Category 3d  

    These rooms are painted so that, when looked at right, optical illusions will appear. Very cool”

    Mon 20 Feb 2006

    A Scanner Darkly

    Published at 17:21   Category Virtual Reality  

    The trailer of this movie, A Scanner Darkly, is very surprising and interesting! Real people with a cell shading filter gives this :

    Mon 13 Feb 2006

    Minority report : Multitouch interface

    Published at 12:28   Category Virtual Reality  

    Pretty cool demos of multi-touch interaction researches at NYU Media Research Lab. Don’t miss the Video !!

    Tue 7 Feb 2006

    OGLE: The OpenGLExtractor

    Published at 10:22   Category OpenGL  

    OGLE (i.e. OpenGLExtractor) is a software package by Eyebeam R&D that allows for the capture and re-use of 3D geometry data from 3D graphics applications running on Microsoft Windows. It works by observing the data flowing between 3D applications and the system’s OpenGL library, and recording that data in a standard 3D file format. In other words, a ‘screen grab’ or ‘view source’ operation for 3D data.”

    Mon 6 Feb 2006

    3d Scanner for 2’500$

    Published at 14:07   Category 3d  


    Mon 6 Feb 2006

    Why Photoshop tops most-wanted Linux app list

    Published at 14:00   Category Tech  

    Interesting article on why pros still want photoshop for linux when they have gimp.

    “It’s also not really thought of as a “Windows” application in many shops. For many graphic pros, it’s a Mac OS program. So this appears to be a case where it’s not really so much that people want a Windows application ported to Linux, they want what they see as the best-of-breed application, regardless of operating system, to run on Linux. (..)

    I was also told that while GIMP’s functionality may rival Photoshop’s, how you get there is very different. (..)

    Photoshop really is a platform, not just an application. When you’re buying into an entire system, as the graphics business clearly has, the upfront cost of a single application doesn’t amount to a hill of beans in the buying decision. (..)

    Still, if you look beneath the surface, simply bringing Photoshop over to Linux isn’t going be enough. For Linux to be taken seriously in design shops, Adobe needs to start moving its entire creative suite of software to Linux. (..)

    The most fundamental shortcoming of the GIMP, according to graphics professionals, remains its limitation to grayscale and RGB image modes; press-ready images need CMYK (Cyan-Magenta-Yellow-Black), and many designers make heavy use of Lab color and duotone (tinted) modes. Second is its limitation to 8-bit color — as high-end scanner and digital camera prices drop, more and more people need to work with 16-bit-per-channel data (..)

    there are hundreds of Photoshop plug-in programs. Of those, everyone has their handful of favorites that they use on most of their projects. GIMP simply doesn’t have anything close to this sort of third-party add-on software community.(..)

    Mon 6 Feb 2006

    A day with agile management/engineering

    Published at 11:25   Category Tech  

    Really interesting article which states that these methods are very efficient and ends with :

    “One of the things that agile development, and especially pair programming, does is to make each day very intense. There are no little breaks to read email, check a web site, or just goof around. We get a lot accomplished in a work day, but we can’t keep that pace for a long time, so it’s important to call it quits and go home.”

    Mon 6 Feb 2006

    Novell demonstrates Linux Desktop 10

    Published at 10:11   Category Tech  

    Interesting article about Novell’s promising linux distrib.

    “Touted as a truly viable alternative to Microsoft Windows, NLD10 provides extensive support for multimedia and popular Internet technologies.

    (..) featuring recent versions of Novell’s Evolution e-mail client and OpenOffice.org 2.0. NLD10 also provides digital video and audio playback right out of the box,
    complete support for integrated iPod connectivity, extensive support for a wide variety of digital cameras, and plenty of tools for managing media content. (..)

    The most impressive new feature demonstrated at the LinuxSolutions conference is XGL, a powerful new graphics subsystem that leverages the power of OpenGL. (..)

    Leaked video recordings of the demonstration have given the Linux community a sneak peek at the stunning visual affects facilitated by XGL.”

    Mon 6 Feb 2006

    Path to the Gothic Choir

    Published at 9:42   Category Art  


    Sun 5 Feb 2006

    Why can’t I get a hammer ??

    Published at 22:31   Category Tech  

    A really funny article on the (way too high level) frameworks

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