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  • Tue 31 Oct 2006

    The future of internet, the inter-virtual worlds

    Published at 17:48   Category Metaverse  

    Here’s a really interesting article, found through vroot.org, about where the web and online virtual worlds are heading. Notably talking about the multiverse initiative and how it could federate all online VW into one big inter-vw, just as what happened with netscape and lead to the explosion of the web.

    “The online world prior to Netscape Navigator consisted of two groups. On one hand was the Internet of relatively sophisticated users exploiting the open system created by the Department of Defense ARPAnet. On the other hand were the balkanized ghettos such as AOL and Compuserve where content was mostly controlled and supplied by the service providers.”

    “Like AOL and CompuServe a decade ago, virtual worlds exist as a relatively small number of isolated, walled-off realms, each requiring the user to download separate software.”

    “Called Multiverse, the company includes the same portentous entrepreneur noted above: Bill Turpin. His team includes Netscape veterans known throughout Silicon Valley.”

    “Their plan is to provide virtual world creators the client, server, and development tools to create an MMO world. The entire technology platform is free for non-commercial use.”

    “Most importantly, however, all these Multiverse-based worlds, and many are already in development, would be compatible. With the Multiverse client software, users will be able to access any virtual world built using the company’s technology. Virtual worlds will become, in effect, ubiquitous. The Metaverse.”

    Mon 30 Oct 2006

    Spatio-Temporal Video Warping

    Published at 18:35   Category Tech  

    ( through /. )
    Here’s a “a new framework for spatio-temporal warping of video”. They are able to set different playing speeds to different parts of the same video!
    Look at the swimmers race and demolition videos.

    Select the winner in any race.
    By enabling time to flow differently at different locations in the video, we create new videos with any desired winner.

    Demolition: Customize the way you want the stadium to be blown: Starting at the sides or starting at the center?

    Sat 28 Oct 2006

    Sony Bravia Ad

    Published at 11:54   Category Art  

    Here are two impressive ads for a sony tv, the bravia. There is no special effect !! It’s all real !!

    YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

    Look at the Paint behind the scenes, and the balls behind the scenes.

    About the cleaning of the paint ad :
    “The cleaning took 5 days and 60 people. Thankfully, the use of a special water-based paint
    made it easy to scrape-up once the water had evaporated.”
    You can watch them in higher res here.

    Thanx to MAwie for the link to the balls ad ;)

    Fri 27 Oct 2006

    VR to learn a foreign language

    Published at 12:00   Category VR Applications  

    Exills is a project by Xerox ( Xerox Research Centre Europe, XRCE ) to learn foreign language on the web through a virtual world (via the Blaxxun Vrml plugin).

    This article on Web3D-fr (in french) presents the project.
    The advantages are :
    - To put the user into typical situations (professional, country specific..)
    - Visual explanation of movement verbs, which are often hard to explain because very specific for each language
    - Meeting of other foreign users that can help you learn
    - More fun than textbooks or classes.

    Robots inside the VW are used to evaluate/correct the user. The user is also forced to use the foreign language, since a language detector filters other languages.
    The user also has access to a contextual translator. Users can share relevant links they found on the web.

    It looks like a very interesting project and I hope there will be more like that. Don’t we say that immersion is the best way to learn a language? ;)

    Mon 23 Oct 2006

    Wii vs PS3, Apple Style!

    Published at 14:39   Category Tech  

    Here’s a great funny macho ad for the wii, compared to a ps3, Apple Style!

    YouTube Preview Image
    Mon 23 Oct 2006

    LiveMove : Motion recognizer

    Published at 12:42   Category Game development, VR Devices  

    Here’s a video of AiLive LiveMove, that allows you to train your application to recognize the 3d motion (for the wiimote for example ;) quickly and simply.

    Mon 23 Oct 2006

    Wii-mote like for PC / PS3 / 360

    Published at 10:49   Category VR Devices  

    This article from Gamasutra talks about a controller made by In2Games, makers of GameTrak :

    “Named Gametrak Fusion, it uses a patent-pending ultrasonic and RF system to track the motion of a Wii-Mote-style controller, using a small base unit on the floor in front of the player. A 3D accelerometer in the controller also provides data on absolute position and orientation. (…) it offers better range and isn’t affected by ambient lighting conditions. (…) a summer/fall 2007 launch (is) scheduled. Pricing is unconfirmed but the base unit and wand are expected to be available for less than £30 ($56).”

    Sun 22 Oct 2006

    My VR Setup

    Published at 1:58   Category Virtual Reality DIY  

    Here’s a web page about my VR setup at home. You’ll find a description of the hardware and the projects I’m working on on my spare time. Includes videos! ;)

    Wed 18 Oct 2006

    Beauty manipulation

    Published at 19:55   Category Tech  

    YouTube Preview Image
    How an image can be modified to get beauty…. With makeup, hair brush, and especially photoshop.
    Here’s another example.

    Wed 18 Oct 2006

    How Warcraft ruins lives

    Published at 18:59   Category Tech  

    Yesterday I saw the excellent Southpark episode where they play WoW, and now I just found on this blog post (through /.), about a long time WoW player explaining how it really does wreck lives :

    “I just left WoW permanently. I was a leader in one of the largest and most respected guilds in the world. (…) I’ve seen it destroy more families and friendships and take a huge toll on individuals than any drug on the market today, and that means a lot coming from an ex-club DJ. (…) Blizzard created a game that you simply can not win. (…) During my stint, I was playing about 30 hours a week.

    (…) There are three problems that arise from WoW: the time it requires to do anything “important” is astounding, it gives people a false sense of accomplishment, and when you’re a leader, and get wrapped up in it, no matter how much you care or want people to care, you’re doing the wrong thing. (…) When a father/husband plays a video game all night long, seven days a week, after getting home from work, (…) it makes me queasy that I encouraged that. Others include the kids you know aren’t doing their homework and confide in you they are failing out of high school or college but don’t want to miss their chance at loot.

    The game also provides people with a false sense of security, accomplishment, and purpose. Anyone can be a superhero here if they have the time to put in. (…) I’d really hate to see how this “I’m better than you attitude” plays out in real life (…) when you say the wrong thing to the wrong person it’s going to have repercussions and you can’t just log out to avoid the effects of your actions.

    For what, you ask? Honor. The desire to be the best for at least one week. (…) The accomplishment and sacrifice itself are meaningless a few days later. Then it’s usually off to the races again.

    (…) I really cared if my guildies were getting what they wanted out of the experience. (…)Then it hit me like a ton of bricks: I was providing them with an escape from their problems and nurturing the very thing that was holding them back.

    (…) Funny side note was the reaction I got from the guild, (when I told them I was leaving;) Three days later I didn’t exist any more. The machine kept on moving without this gear. “

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