VR FPS : Atrium Experience

Here’s a great video from Atrium Exprience, “one of the first FPS games in a CAVE-like display (SASCube)!”.

It was made by Alexandre Bouchet and Lionel Dominjon from Clarte, using Virtools and the VR Pack.

I played with it and I have to say it’s really impressive. The immersion sensation makes it a unique experience. Playing this kind of games is the reason why I work in VR :p

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  1. I’m aware of CaveQuake, and CaveUT and others.
    But these are ports of existing games.

    Atrium was specifically made for VR ! And the gameplay takes advantage of the immersion.

    I’m sure other VR Geeks have created games like that, probably even before Atrium, but I’ve never heard of them so if you have any pointer, I’d love it 🙂

  2. Where can I download Atrium? I would like to try it out with my VR rig. Are there any other VR games or software packages out there that are freely available?

  3. Hi,
    I’m trying to have that released soon if possible.
    I’m also trying to find other apps/games that we could enjoy with our vr kits 🙂
    Maybe Vizard also has some demos.

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