Month: March 2006

Garage VR : a new reality

I think we just got to a point where consumer VR is affordable! I just discovered this device, the Novint Falcon, which is not yet for sale. It’s like a Sensable Phantom, (although it must only be 3DOF,…

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Digital Humans : Santos and the Virtual Soldier

Who is Santos? You should first also look at this very impressive Video of the Virtual Soldier, featuring realistic digital humans (and Virtools ;). The point is to create a virtual human, with all muscles, joints, and behavior….

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Force Dynamics Car Simulator

There are some pretty impressive videos at their website !! I asked for a price quotation, in case anyone wants to offer one to me!

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Contigra 3D Widgets Classification

( read on ) Here’s a classification of 3D Widgets. That’s the kind of thing I want to be able to drag and drop in my VR composition!

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A la slashdot, a very interesting portal for VR! !

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VirtuSphere video

A pretty cool VirtuSphere video found on Discovery Channel.

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Renault VR Center

And here’s the Renault VR Center !

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PSA Peugeot Citroen VR Center

The famous french car make is speaking about its VR center (in french) and the reasons for using VR. They have a Workbench, a Reality Center, and a SAS Cube ! I have tested their workbench, it’s really…

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Multiverse and "free for non lucrative use" software philosophy

Multiverse show an interesting concept. It’s (supposedly, I signed up for the beta 😉 a complete MMORPG engine, free to use as long as you don’t make money thanks to it. “There are no upfront costs. We only…

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Japanese Device Uses Laser Plasma to Display 3D Images in the Air

Interesting article at : “Keio University and Burton Inc. noticed that, when laser beams are strongly focused, air plasma emission can only be induced near the focal point. (…) The emission time of the laser pulse light…

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