Wiimote, a first test

Wow I just had the chance to test the Wii controller. Remember, it’s a true 6DOF (= positon + orientation) tracker. [Update: it’s not really a real 6DOF tracker. It’s a bit more complicated 😉 ] It has a gyroscope and an infrared camera to recalibrate the drifting. And it’s working really fine!! Almost no lag, it’s very fast and stable! Even at 7-8 meters it’s still working as well. We couldn’t go further, there were walls behind =) I don’t have infos yet on the sampling rate or actual precision but the first impression is really good! I can’t wait to test a game with that =)

I hope someone will have it work for PC, or have something similar! I have been testing the Intersense IS900, which is also gyroscopic/intertial with ultrasound to correct the drift (expensive but you can have a lot of tracking surface), and it’s also really fast. It seems to be faster than vision based solutions such as TrackIR or ARTracking, but I’d have to compare this more scientifically than just “I think ..” =)

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  1. Well with acceleration you get speed, and with speed you get position =)
    Moreover you get position with the IR camera too (while in sight of the leds)

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