Quick links #5

It seems I’m using Twitter more and more. I didn’t realize I had twitted so much, I’ll try to summarize more often.

– A new 3D mouse –http://t.co/nZQMKMg – Seems to work a lot like the GlobeFish doesn’t it ? http://t.co/L49MNrV

– Dassault Systèmes LIVES #IVR system – http://t.co/iLnhUaXvia @youtube

– Nice VR video with passive haptics – http://bit.ly/bUmoyF

– VR and Training #fr video by AFPA – http://bit.ly/cNfVlB (2005)

– Immersive Virtual Reality and Visual Handicap http://bit.ly/a4EoGb

– Early days of 3D in France, online videos of the pioneers talking at FMX 2009 : http://bit.ly/9Z5IDh

– EON Reality Launches High-End 3D Display Innovation – 5 mini-caves to collaborate : http://t.co/HEUAgF3

– Small projection domes : TOOB – http://bit.ly/cfVAe4

– Scenes From the 2010 Immersive Tech Summithttp://bit.ly/docRBv

– AMD HD3D, the answer to NVidia 3D vision –http://bit.ly/clrNam

– Airbus future VR center #FR – http://bit.ly/bE97nX

– NVIDIA Surround and 3D Vision Best Practices Guides are now available in our 3D Development area http://bit.ly/cZHgLZ

– Homebrew Glove, based on Arduino – http://bit.ly/9l42T5

– 10 eMove Mocapsuit Consumer Gaming Device Developer Kits To Be Awarded This November – http://bit.ly/bXadUR

– Using a hacked Wiimote and a Gametrak to get absolute orientation and position  – http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/node/7649

– Telepresence robot : http://robodynamics.com/

– John Deere’s VR – http://bit.ly/c23H19

– The first virtual reality center in the world focused on marine technology: http://t.co/iLm991l

– Lexus shows off World’s Most Advanced Driving Simulator –http://bit.ly/b3U5xw

General 3D Announces Web-Based HTML5/WebGL Stereoscopic 3D System http://goo.gl/fb/2AiBX

– Virtual Revulsion Therapy: Pixelated Pests Help Treat Cockroach Phobia: http://t.co/DHjWOz6

– Mock disaster: Police use computer simulation to prepare for real threats – OrlandoSentinel.com http://t.co/VQKfUda

– Driving the Undriven: Ford’s CAVE Environment and Programmable Vehicle Model http://t.co/USHw5g7 via @digitaltrends

– RT @gamasutra: Analysis: The Psychology of Immersion in Video  Games http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/29910/

– Rumors of a 720p #S3D #HMD by Carl Zeiss for ~ $500http://www.mtbs3d.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=11510

– Interview with Paul J. Travers, CEO & Founder of Vuzix Corporation http://t.co/p76Gemg via @youtube

iVEvangelist « La Gestalt : l’art du contact » de Ginger-S: peut-être l’essence de l’iVhttp://search.kooaba.com/books/5599933

– A chat with Microsoft Principal Researcher Bill Buxton, Part IIIhttp://t.co/U6RVsXZ via @globeandmail

– Autostereoscopic #S3D Screen for NVIDIA Tegra Smart Phones At NVIDIA GTC 2010 http://t.co/ySqHJUT

– Six ways that artists hack your brain –http://www.newscientist.com/special/six-ways-that-artists-hack-your-brain

– 3D Blu-ray on the PS3: it works! (video) http://t.co/5eZ9zLwvia @engadget

Sony’s PlayMemories app brings 3D photos to your PlayStation 3 http://t.co/bmMCsXK via @engadget

Unilever using VR shops #fr #ivr http://bit.ly/bwT31m

lavalvirtual Ready, steady, Go! Laval Virtual 2011 is launched. Discover our new website on :http://bit.ly/dCHdbA Thanks for your comments and RT 🙂

– The Montreal Neurological Institute opened its brand new neurosurgical virtual reality training centre –http://bit.ly/c553Zz

– Nice way of creating 2.5D pictures and motion parallax with an iPad !! http://kotaku.com/5641214/a-3d-twist-on-2d-street-fighters

– 3D User Interaction with the PS Move & Tumble Game :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=358gsPUfmdE

– Head-mounted display projects directly onto the retina:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9I0hF0cbw8E&feature=player_embedded

– Human Unconscious Is Transferred to Virtual Characters –http://vroot.org/node/5625

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  1. – A new 3D mouse -http://t.co/nZQMKMg – Seems to work a lot like the GlobeFish doesn’t it ? http://t.co/L49MNrV

    That is because it is the same device – originally developed at Weimar University and then one of the authors started the spinoff company axsotic to commercialize it.

    Btw, you may want to subscribe to my Google Buzz feed – I have few things posted there that may be of interest:

  2. Thanks Jan. I though Alexander Kulik was the main ‘inventor’ yet he doesn’t appear on the contact page. I’ll ask him about that.
    And thanks for your google buzz, I’ve added it to my rss feeds.

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