Quick Links #2

Here’s what you missed if you’re not following me on Twitter ( @VRGeek ) :

– Found a nice video from Iowa State Engineering on how they use their C6 #visualizationsystem http://bit.ly/9ITBTj

– A nice reference of haptics gloves by Tom Worsnopp: http://bit.ly/cOstlL

– PNI SpacePoint : 100$ 360° orientation sensor. Reliable ? Would love to test … http://bit.ly/c6Yigp

– Men Show Off to Impress Women Even in Virtual Setting –http://bit.ly/96EYmM

– Robust #AR markerless tracking http://esm.gforge.inria.fr/

– Winscape – Virtual windows :http://www.rationalcraft.com/Winscape.html

– Archeology about VR ? http://www.vrtifacts.com/

– Design for experience :http://web.cs.wpi.edu/~gogo/papers/LindemanBeckhaus_vrst2009.pdf

– Slides from the ” What is VR ? ” panel at IEEE VR 2010 : http://publicvr.org/downloads/WhatIsVR.ppt

– IEEE VR 2010 pictures : http://bit.ly/9anupN

– IEEE VR 2010 hardware by Technology Review :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WZ0A0xWkuak

– RT @VRMatt: A virtual human toolkit freely available for academic researches : @ICT http://vhtoolkit.ict.usc.edu/index.php/Main_Page

– Crytek Plans Free Version of CryENGINE 3: http://bit.ly/bWQdlK

– Mel Slater : How do people react with virtual characters ? –http://bit.ly/9Hq7pX

– Mel Slater : “Visual Realism Enhances Realistic Response in an Immersive Virtual Environment” – http://bit.ly/cZv7WO

– From @engadget: Natal copycat for PC ?http://www.engadget.com/2010/03/11/primesense-talks-full-body-motion-control-at-gdc-the-possibilit/

– Nintendo 3DS to come with ‘3D control stick,’ vibration, and Sharp’s parallax barrier 3D LCD? http://bit.ly/aLApSL

– MSI will sell a multitouch, 3D Ready, all-in-one computer :http://bit.ly/a9b8ff

– Avatar sparks 3-D makeover for action classics –http://bit.ly/bOXBUu

– RT @yukai_chou Drum Kit Assists Learning With Haptic Feedbackhttp://ow.ly/16rASC #immersivetech

– New PS3 3D Motion Tracker to be released in Fall 2010 :http://bit.ly/cTGucH

– Brain-Computer Interfaces : The OpenVibes blog :http://bit.ly/8HjebR

– A projector that automatically turns any flat surface into a touch screen, Light Touch : http://bit.ly/92nhlo

– RT @gamasutra Gamasutra – News – GestureTek Announces Momo Motion Recognition SDK http://bit.ly/4y5sAc

– So true : “Randy Pausch said : “VR has to be experienced first-hand. Simply talking about it is like describing color to a blind man.”

– Virtual reality to the rescue of nervous car drivershttp://bit.ly/8cN1Dk

– Great AR on buildings : http://www.koreus.com/video/nuformer-projection-monument.html

– The BiDi screen, by the MIT, enables #Multitouch even from a distance : http://bit.ly/5ekBUZ

Ok maybe there are a lot of links, I should do that a bit more often 🙂

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  1. Hi,

    every time I stop over here it is well spent time 🙂 Thanks for this new collection!


  2. Thanks Maxim Christoph and Cogito 🙂

    @Cog : Nice link ! I already use the Socialite plugin for WordPress which pushes blog posts to twitter and facebook. But I still prefer to filter the tweets I put on my blog !

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