[Call For Demo] Laval Virtual ReVolution 2009

From Akihiko SHIRAI’s blog :

Laval Virtual ReVolution 2009
-World Performance of VR Applications-

Image Laval Virtual ReVolution is an annual honor to the world’s
finest VR project, by Laval Virtual. This is a hall of fame award that
decides the best Virtual Reality demonstration and/or application from
all over the world. Virtual Reality is not only a technology but also
a never ending story between computers and human history.
We cannot get the final answer of this issue immediately, as we still
need to find and walk one of the many possible paths that will lead us
to a future navigated by brilliant stars. The staring at those stars
should be continued for the future voyagers on the way.
Of course, a great number of academic papers or commercial products
can build a way of Virtual Reality. However we suggest a new relation
between developmental projects and general public at on-site
demonstrations. If a performed project has impact, technology and
persuasive, it will move the general public and change the common sense.
So, this means a revolution in the history of Virtual Reality.
Please try to join today’s stardom with your exciting project.
And share the activity from all over the world!

Session Organizer: Akihiko SHIRAI, Ph.D ( ENSAM P&I Lab )

We hope to accept your brilliant projects which can get over the current
common sense of Virtual Reality and make changes to the current
human-computer interfaces and Virtual Reality history.

-Technology Demonstration
-Interactive Arts
-Entertainment VR
-New Media Designs
-New Game Systems
-New Human Interfaces and Displays
-Realtime Images
……..And any other “non genre” VR projects

Submission deadline 1st Feb 2009
-Description document (pdf/word)
-Floor installation plan (pdf/ppt/jpg/gif)
-Three Images for web

See also:
Submission details
How to get accepted on ReVolution:

ReVolution has accepts two accept classes. If you get as “Invited”
project, Laval Virtual gives your demonstration space, accommodation,
flights and VIP tickets of Gala dinner.

Winners 2008

Laval Virtual has an Awarding session to find a best VR project in this
year. A large number of ReVolution projects might get win at the
ceremony. In the past ReVolution, a project “Phantasm” (Mr. Takahiro
Matsuo) had been accepted as “Welcome” by ReVolution, then it got “ACM
SIGGRAPH Award” at Laval Virtual 2008 with the chance to shown at
SIGGRAPH 2008 Los Angeles. If you are a student project, we recommend
you to register to a student competition “Le Village de la Creation”,
too. “The Dreaming Pillow” (ATI – Paris 8 Univ) had won at ReVolution
and Competition at Laval Virtual 2008. Afterwards, they had get a chance
to show in USA and Japan after ReVolution.

Laval Virtual Award 2008

We are looking forward to see your great projects!

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