One step closer to home VR

Fresh from E3, and I’m sure you all have seen it, but still I have to print it here because I’m happy : we’re one big step closer to having VR at home 😉

The first controller, by Microsoft, uses a sort of Z-cam that can get the depth information of the environment, including the player(s) :

(beware, some of the following seem to be more a “vision” than actual games)

And the second is a complete 6 Dof tracking device, probably using some 6 Dof inertial devices plus the camera tracking the glowing ball to recalibrate an absolute position !

The only issue with the technique they chose is that when the further the device is from the camera, the less precision you get.

I hope this tracker is enough to support head tracking without getting me sick 😉

So the battle is opened, let’s see who will be the first to have games in an HMD to fulfill Steven Spielberg’s prediction that VR the is future of gaming ?

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