Cave for sale

It seems that because of the crisis, some vr geeks need money. Thus they’re selling their Cave !!! I didn’t imagine this was possible but hey why not. I have some space in my appartment, maybe if we get together we can buy it !

Immersive 4 sided Cube for sale

Following the crisis in the Emirates, one of our clients must quickly sell its 4 sided immersive cube installed in november 2008 :

  • Active projectors Christie Digital Mirage S+3K (SXGA+)
  • 4 faces : 3m wide x 2.3m high
  • 5.1 sound
  • ART Tracking

This CAVE, installed in november 2008 is worth 565’000€. It is sold at 350’000€ , not including the shipping costs. Filters and lamps are new.

If you’re interested let me know, I’ll pass it on, but only if you let me play with it!

(The following picture *is not* for sale, it’s the one from the CRVM in Marseille)

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