Quick Links #3

Don’t have time to post a full article ? No problem, Twitter to the rescue !

(And if you’re in Paris next moday (7th June), feel free to drop by our VRGeeks bar evening !)

– IronMan simulator #diy #ivr http://bit.ly/d48acQ

– The sense of body ownership and 3D virtual reality: http://bit.ly/amkCBy

– Unity3D in Chrome without any plugin installation! http://bit.ly/cSxhHr

– Natal To Cost $149 and to be released 26 oct – Source http://shar.es/mjVnM

– Even “Looney Tunes” Gets Into 3D Craze http://bit.ly/c6iFoF #s3d#stereoscopic #cartoons (via @3DMOVIEMAN)

– Samsung shows a 19″ trasparent OLED screen! http://bit.ly/cKwSXt(via @regarde)

– Impressive and cheap “real-time hand-tracking with a color glove” #ivr http://bit.ly/an87uR

– Body ownership can be transferred to an entirely virtual body (via slapping ?!): http://bit.ly/aP53uJ

– RT @TopsyRT: AppleInsider | Apple exploring interactive, glasses-free 3D holographic displays http://bit.ly/dgqzNT

– RT @DepthQs3D: Sharp 3D camera module for mobile devices http://bit.ly/cBPJeu – This is the kind of tech that will grow s3D

– RT@DepthQs3D: Dimension 3 Expo, Paris June 1-3 — “Top Thirteen S-3D Questions Answered by Stephan Faudeux” @Nick_Dager http://bit.ly/dhq5f9 #s3D

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