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Jaron Lanier’s message to VR Geeks

I’m still in Lafayette, Louisiana, attending the IEEE VR 2009 conference. We’re eating lots of hamburgers but the conference is just fabulous, I’ll try to talk to you about that soon. In the meantime, I’ve had the chance…

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VR Nostalgia, look at the future!

Back in the 90s there was a lot of hype about Virtual Reality, but the technology didn’t live up to the expectations. I found this video of one of the most famous movie about VR, Johnny Mnemonic (1995)…

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VR to create a new communication form

There’s an interesting set of articles at Edge,  about why some of the greatest minds of this planet are optimistic. Jaron Lanier thinks that “Interpersonal Communication Will Become More Profound” thanks to VR : I’ve been fascinated by…

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