QTVR is not VR

Sorry for the lack of update, we’re working hard to get the VRPack 2.0 out 😉 More on that later.

In the meantime I just want to express my anger at QuicktimeVR and everything related (hello VRMag, VRWay .. !) that misuse the term VR.
Professionals agree that VR must *at least* include three components, that is :
– immersion,
– interaction,
– realtime 3d

Although we may imagine that the third point could be replaced by some other way of fooling our brain into believing it lives in another environment,
the two other are indispensable for everything that wants to call itself VR.

– QtVR is most of the time *not* interactive, and certainly not for manipulating the displayed environment,
– QtVR is *not* immersive; this implies some sort of head tracking and/or stereoscopic image to give the impression of depth,
– and finally QtVR is certainly not able to modify the displayed environment in realtime.

So if QTVR is *not* VR, what is it ?

Well for what I know of it, it’s simply a panoramic 360° image viewer. It does that very well, and there are lots of really beautiful panoramas available thanks to this technology.

But it’s not VR.

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