Month: January 2007

Virtools VRPack in action

Here are two videos demonstrating interesting (read “fun”) uses of VR. Lightsaber and 3d modelling! Related article : VR FPS : Atrium Experience

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Novint Falcon Demo, begins shipping June18th 2007 for $239.

From Novint webpage : The highly anticipated, award-winning Novint Falcon will begin shipping in a Limited Edition Bundle on June 18th, 2007. The exclusive bundle includes a Limited Edition Falcon, Newton’s Monkey Business Game Pack, with 24 fun…

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SecondLife goes opensource

LindenLabs is releasing the source code of the client part of SecondLife under a slightly modified version of the GPL 2.0. This article from has more infos : It will leave Linden Lab in control of the…

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