Autodesk stereoscopic whitepaper

I’m working several projects recently, one of which you’ll soon hear about (and will be able to participate in 😉

Autodesk has released a really interesting whitepaper on its Stereoscopic Filmmaking page :

Read about the current state of the stereoscopic filmmaking industry, the business case of S3D, as well as the technical and creative considerations faced by those looking to make compelling stereoscopic movies.

It covers a lot of the ground necessary to have a good understanding of stereoscopy. Of course a lot of this applies for VR and 3D games.

Its older brother, the Stereographics Developpers Handbook, is still interesting though.


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  1. Good document, but it’s focused on so-called off-axis projection, which is eventually good for projectors & monitors.

    For HMD’s right stereoscopy is on-axis, two separate views without twitching view-frustrum. Like described in “3D User Interfaces” book (Bowman, Kruijff, LaViola, Popyrev), and also in this old book “Virtual Reality. History, Applications, Technology and Future” :

  2. Maybe one day a HMD will require asymetric frustums and you’ll be happy to know how to do it 😉

    The paper has some other good points which are also valid for VR, mainly for walls.

  3. Maybe 🙂

    I’ve actually made such asymmetric frustums for stereo on VR920 HMD, and had only headache from seeing this way, no matter how much I twitch them (anyway I saved source code for future 😉 ).

    And in the same time – simple parallel cameras worked just fine and give proper stereoscopy without eye-strain.

    However, yes, it’s device-dependent.

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