Augmented Reality pool game

In his blog Xavier Gouchet talks about a really nice application example that will be shown at Laval Virtual in april : an AR pool game !

Queen’s University
Authors: Samuel Jordan, Michael Greenspan
Abstract: ARPool is an augmented reality system designed to assist shot planning and execution in a game of billiards. Using a projector-camera combination, ARPool is capable of detecting the ID and location of each ball on the table, as well as tracking the position and orientation of the pool cue in real-time. This information is fed through a custom pool physics simulator to obtain a complete table-state timeline of the shot. The shot data is dynamically rendered in real-time directly on the surface of the table using 2D graphics.

A useful, practical, usable (sellable?) tool if you ask me !

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  1. OMG!!!!! Is it marketable you ask???? Yes, Yes and Yes. If you have any doubt well do it for you. Hell if you do it yourself I bags the first distributor in Australia. Send it over here!!!!

    Neat Geek

  2. What happened to this? I first heard about this in late 2009. Is anybody marketing this yet? Is it open source, public domain? Dear God, has somebody dropped the ball on this?

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