Immersion Lounge > Test Sensics HMD

If you’re in Paris on the November 4th, you may consider going to the first Immersion Lounge where you will be able to test Sensics HMD.

The french company Immersion will showcase the xSight (wide FOV and Full HD) and the zSight, lighter and optionnaly wireless.

Here’s the invitation. See you there !

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  1. I think I definitely don’t like the xSight : adjusting the hmd is too long and never perfect (they don’t have a calibration procedure), and I always end up seeing the seams between the micro-displays..

    The zSight is more interesting, only one lens per eye. The resolution and fov are really nice, but you have to pay the price 🙂

    So it’s interesting for the industry when people need to collaborate and have their own point of view, but not yet for VR Geeks !

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