Quick Links #7

Don’t worry I’m also preparing some real articles.

In the meantime, here’s what I said on Twitter :

– Bino is a video player that supports 3D videos and multi-display videos (using Equalizer) – http://bit.ly/dToCqk

– PSA’s iV success story using 3DVIA Virtools in their Design Center http://www.3ds.com/fileadmin/COMPANY/DS-MAGAZINES/CM-US/PDF/nam_cm_nov2010.pdf

– The very first CG animation in 1972, Ed Catmull’s handhttp://vimeo.com/16292363

– Ahhhh RT @remanences: How #Kinect works – stereo triangulation? http://bit.ly/h4dptg

– In Cybertherapy, Avatars Assist With Healing – http://nyti.ms/hrSLe4

– Big VR week : AFRV’s conference (talking there), Hands-on VR for engineering students and intro to VR to business students at La Sorbonne

#Afrv2010 Doug Bowman about simulating mixed reality systems with high end systems and limitating their fidelity to make controlled studies

#afrv2010 Nice talks, on and off stage, my talk about low-cost VR systems went well and I’ve been elected to the steering comittee of AFRV !

– Head-Tracking with Kinect http://t.co/W

– Really nice holographic maps – http://t.co/Z7xNZ4F via @dvice

– @remanences#PSMove #MoveOnPC Color detection for real-time 3D positioning of 2 spheres http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DVvQqOBGFEs

– @remanences#MoveOnPC Wiimote/PSMove/SixAxis Head-to-head comparison of three popular motion controllers on PChttp://bit.ly/eRilIY

#AFRV2010 – #FR – Atelier Humains Virtuels – http://bit.ly/gLfG3Z

– I’ve updated my online VR introduction – http://slidesha.re/eLkmYg

– The VR Geeks will be at the GlobalGameJam !!!http://www.mekensleep.com/GGJ-Paris/

– INRIA – Salle de réalité virtuelle “Gouraud-Phong”http://t.co/5B1iCOD via @youtube

– Architecture Research in a Cave http://t.co/kOsaLLB via @youtube

– Telepresence with Kinect – http://aol.it/dSuoFV

– At last some real VR+Kinect hack ! But as Kinect is still worthless for headtracking, they use the gyro from the HMD http://t.co/dUVXhcH

– How to Use Any 3D DLP Projector Together with 3D Vision –http://bit.ly/ezqGui

– CES: Nvidia unveils site for 3D video, photos, sportshttp://t.co/HfP76xl via @cnet

– It’s just a prototype but … RT @lavalvirtual#CES, Sony unveiled a new personal HMD for Virtual Reality at home: http://bit.ly/hbQLIk

– Arduino The Documentary http://vimeo.com/18539129

#VR offre d’emploi à Laval sur le site de l’#AFRV http://bit.ly/ftyyd5

– New Vuzix VR HMD !! 852×480, 35° diag fov, side-by-side stereo, release in spring, no price yet : http://bit.ly/eNZIZs

– Almost a Cave (without 3D..) with only flat panels — CES 2011: Sharp Electronics i3Wall http://t.co/UrbUsTI via @youtube

– Object Tracking Robust to Occlusion and Size Changehttp://t.co/tXwoKqg via @youtube

– ProVision VR System and Demo Reel (1991) –http://bit.ly/bundles/vrgeek/2

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