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DLP 3D – Stereoscopic HDTV & HD-Projectors

The DLP 3D technology is reaching mass market! This ZDNet article says that those TVs “which uses DLP-based rear projection and ranging in price from $1499 to $4500”. Moreover, Mitsubishi is planning 3D Blu-Ray player for early 2008….

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NVidia 3D Stereo drivers

The NVidia 3D Stereo drivers allow users of any NVidia GPU to have their OpenGL and DirectX games in “real” stereoscopic 3D on their screen. You can have active, passive, anaglyph stereo, as well as horizontal/vertical interleaved, white/blue…

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DIY Stereoscopy at home

[EDIT : I’m moving this page here, and will update it based on my foundings!]  [DEPRECATED] I’ve found some pretty interesting material about enthousiasts building up stereoscopic displays at home: – Here’s a guy who’s building a passive…

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