DLP 3D – Stereoscopic HDTV & HD-Projectors

The DLP 3D technology is reaching mass market!

This ZDNet article says that those TVs “which uses DLP-based rear projection and ranging in price from $1499 to $4500”.

Moreover, Mitsubishi is planning 3D Blu-Ray player for early 2008.
From the DLP official site :

DLP® 3-D HDTV System Requirements:
• A DLP® 3-D Ready HDTV offered by either Mitsubishi or Samsung
• VESA compatible LCD shutter glasses and sync signal transmitter
• Video or graphics source which shows 3-D pictures using DLP® HDTV 3-D format.

Advantages of DLP® 3-D HDTV technology

– The DLP® 3-D HDTV technology supplies a 60Hz frame rate signal to each eye (equivalent to 120 Hz).

– The technology has a virtually zero implementation cost on new DLP® HDTV, benefiting consumers with a future proof capability.

DLP® HDTV 3-D Image Format

3-D stereoscopic video content is sent to the TV digitally, through an HDMI or DVI port. Left and right stereo images are independently filtered, then sampled in an offset grid pattern. The resulting views are then combined, and appear as a left and right checkerboard pattern in a conventional orthogonal sampled image. This format preserves the horizontal and vertical resolution of the left and right views providing the viewer with the highest quality image possible with the available bandwidth.

This whitepaper has more information about the image format.

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  1. Hi- I’m about to purchase a Samsung HLT5087SAX 50 Slim LED Engine 1080p DLP HDTV and I want to purchase a dedicated tower for 3D games and movies would you suggest any of these units -http://search.dell.com/results.aspx?s=gen&c=us&l=en&cs=&k=3D towers&cat=all
    Thanks Jim.

  2. Dam it sounds great.Too bad companies arent making 3D compatible stuff for old DLP HD TVs too.I have a 72 toshiba that I paid 4500 two years ago. Ive wanted real 3D for so long. I cant see myself spending another 4500 on a 72. I hope they make a converter box so us old saps that invested on large tvs already can enjoy 3D with cable,dvds and video games 🙁

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