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GhostGlove – Haptic glove

(found through ImmersiveTechBlog) Building upon the concept of the Gravity Grabber, the Tachi Lab has created the Ghost Glove : Here’s the video explaining the Gravity Grabber [article in pdf], which I have tested and works quite well…

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IPT/EGVE 2007 – Hardware

I just returned from Weimar, Germany, attending the Immersive Projection Technologies/Eurographics Symposium on Virtual Environments. This has been a really interesting event. I’ve met some very nice people and learned a lot of things! I’ll try to speak…

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Sony Patent for a VR Glove

From MaxConsole : A patent filed by Sony on November 7 2002 went live on January 9 of this year. The patent describes some sort of VR GLOVE which fits in the palm of the hand. Control sensors…

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